Monthly Archives: January 2019

Business owners! Will you hold your True Course in 2019?

Imagine you have a boat. It’s the start of a new year and you’ve just set sail, headed out to sea – full of optimism and excitement. Captain of your destiny. Owner of your fate. But where are you headed? Wherever the current takes you? Slave to the tide and the prevailing wind? Or have […]

The Brexit Planning Challenge

I’ve refrained from mentioning the B word in my posts. Like many of you I’m heartily sick of the dreaded ‘Brexit’ word. It’s not that I’ve been burying my head in the sand or anything, just rather like many people I’ve not felt qualified to give advice. But there is one thing I would recommend, […]

Business Targets – Good or Bad?

‘9950! I just need to go up and down stairs a few times; I’m nearly there!’  Are you hooked on your 10000 steps a day? It’s that time of year again when we review how those new year resolutions are going. Use the stairs, eat less sugar, get off the bus a stop early. With the […]