Monthly Archives: May 2019

Bank Holiday Weekends – Are you taking time off?!

20% of business owners interviewed didn’t have a single day off that year. Ah, another bank holiday approaches and all over the UK those SME’s closing down for 3 days are scuttling round like blue-arsed flies. (Where does that expression come from? Anyone?) There’s nothing like an approaching holiday to instil a sense of urgency. […]

2 Easy ways to become the ‘Ideas’ person for your Business

Can you remember back to your school days? I’m sure for some of us it will be easier than for others! Remember how you’d answer a question, but even though it was technically right, it wasn’t the one the teacher was looking for? Q. What is ‘hard water’? A. Ice (of course!) See what I […]

Is your Business Running You?

Does your other half complain that they see too much of you? Do your kids groan ‘cos you’re taking them out for the day, again? Are you the number one invite on your friends’ social calendar? Do you never take your laptop on holiday with you? No? So you’re telling me you don’t have all […]