Are you proud of your team?

Are you proud of your team?

Whatever your industry, business or team size, I bet you wouldn’t be where you are now without your wonderful team! Let’s take this opportunity to celebrate and appreciate your people, and in particular our LGBTQ+ team members in honour of Pride month this June.

How well do you look after your team?

I’m not just talking about remuneration or cupcakes (which always go down well in my experience!) I’m talking about protecting your team, and ensuring that the workplace is a haven and a safe space for all.

When was the last time you updated or reviewed your Diversity and Inclusion Policy? Do you have one in place? Are you proud of it?

Being able to acknowledge diversity is one of the most crucial steps for an inclusive workplace. If you have the opportunity to bring your full self to work without fear of discrimination (that’s inclusion), you will build stronger connections with your teammates, you will feel more engaged in your role, and your company will actually perform better (Studies have proven a correlation between a diverse and engaged workforce and better financial performance in companies!)
Writing a Diversity and Inclusion policy from scratch can be a daunting and overwhelming process, so we have a free template that can be customised for your business in Trainual here: 

 (Create your free Trainual account or sign in to get access to your new, customisable Diversity & Inclusion Policy)

Feel free to use this template to create something that ensures your team is protected from unfair treatment, prejudice and harassment.

We suggest that as part of Pride Month you share this with your team. Perhaps you could run an inclusivity workshop where you encourage feedback on your policy, ask whether you’ve included everything, if they know who to turn to in case they would like to discuss anything, and ask them if they feel you’re doing enough to support the diversity present in your team.

By opening yourself up to questions and feedback, you’re making your team feel heard...

There is no greater gift that you can give (in our opinion), and this simple yet meaningful demonstration of your openness to your team will be reflected in their productivity and respect for your business.

Our favourite line from the Diversity & Inclusion Policy is this: 

“We believe that we are only as strong as we are different. We celebrate everything that makes our employees unique, and we love how our varied backgrounds improve our team and our product.”

If you’re proud of your team, they will be proud of your business. It’s simple human nature to want your team to feel respected and heard at work, however it’s often difficult to communicate so we hope that this helps you. If your team feel included, heard and protected, they will be fantastic advocates for your business too, so this is a win-win.


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