Are you the Energy blackhole in your SME?

Does your spouse complain that they see too much of you?

Do your kids groan at your taking them out for the day, again?

Are you the number one invite on your friends’ social calendar?

Do you never take your laptop on holiday with you?


So you’re telling me you don’t have all the time in the world?

Then let me ask you this… do you own your business, or does it own you?

We had a meeting with a new client, John, recently, and we asked him how he felt about his business.  He paused for such a long time I can remember thinking ‘this is going to be a loooong day’, and then he said just one word:


‘This ‘job’ – that’s what I call it that now, totally owns me. It dictates my mood; my appetite, my energy levels. I think about it all the time. I lie awake fretting about it. It feels like my entire life is being sucked into a big black hole.

I went out on my own to have more freedom – to spend more time with my wife and kids, and look at me now – working every hour God sends.

Everyone told me I needed a team, but all that’s done is increase my workload – the tax, the paperwork, keeping on top of them. I’m sure right now they’ll be glued to their phones cos I’m not there. Arghhh… the thought of it brings me out in a rash.’

Of course John’s not unusual.

In fact he could be a poster boy for the small successful business owner! Maybe he’s just like you?

You started small, right? Built a really great business, had loads of fun doing it, started taking people on. It was all ok for you too at first, and then…the wheels came off.  You lost your consistency, you lost your belief that people would perform for you, you began to work longer and longer hours to keep on top of everything.

But, and this may surprise you, even ‘the youth of today’ don’t come to work with the sole purpose of pissing you off. Nobody plans to have a bad day or do a bad job, especially not the people you hand-picked for your business.

The change you’re looking for doesn’t start with your people, it starts with you.

You want freedom, particularly time freedom? Then build strong foundations, that free your people first.

Strong foundations built around:

Your Plans – showing your team what the destination is, and how you’re going to reach it together – the route map for them to follow

Your Processes – having a set way of doing what you do – a system for everything

Your People – only hiring people who match your values, and fit your team, and then training them to follow your set way of doing things

Your Performance Management – taking every opportunity to give constructive feedback, to correct, to praise.  Having regular performance reviews that reward excellence

Successful business is built on the consistent performance of high performing teams who know where they’re going and follow the business systems to take them there. Look to McDonald’s, to Virgin, to Apple if you doubt what I’m saying.

And you can have this too. Put your energy into building your foundations, and you will find your freedom.

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Marianne Page

Marianne is the author of three books, and is currently working on her fourth, whilst regularly writing her blog, we hope you enjoy it :-)


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