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Mothers: the original leaders

Hot on the heels of International Women’s Day, comes another day which celebrates and honours the women of the world, in this case, more specifically, Mothers. Yes, it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday – a day dedicated to celebrating the strength, love, and guidance of mothers and to appreciate the tireless effort and sacrifices they make […]

Gender equality is more than an awareness day

I think it’s fair to say that there is a significant amount of fatigue around ‘awareness days’ for subjects and issues that should be permanently high on our radar… International Women’s Day, a globally recognised day to celebrate women’s contributions to society and to raise awareness about the various challenges they face, is one such […]

Chaos to Consistency: Fast track is launched!

Finally it’s here… something I’ve been working on, and I’m proud to share it with you all… I’m delighted to introduce you to the NEW, 90 day Chaos to Consistency programme! I couldn’t be more excited about this programme and the positive impact it’s going to have on every successful small business owner looking to build a […]

Another Groundhog Day in your business?

Have you ever thought about the whole idea of Groundhog Day?  That day at the beginning of February when the groundhog is said to come out of its hibernation hole and if it sees its own shadow – if it’s a sunny day – then it will turn round and go back into its hole, signalling six more […]

Who are you trying to hire?

When growing your team, what mindset are you looking for?  Many businesses promote competitive working instead of collaborative working. In some instances, such as individual sales, this might work well. However, with something like bringing a project together, pitching your team against each other to see who produces the best work actually wastes energy – […]

Build your Blueprint for consistency and scale!

It’s the start of another New Year… 2023 no less (I remember when a date like that was futuristic sci-fi territory!) And I’m sure that like most business owners, your head is full of thoughts, ideas…maybe even plans (although you haven’t committed them to writing…yet) of everything that you want to achieve over the next […]

5 top tips for attracting the RIGHT people to your team

When you build the right team around you, everything in your operation becomes easier. So how do you attract the ‘right’ people to your team? Here are my top 5 tips: 1 Get really clear about the DNA of your ideal team member.  Is there someone in your team who is the personification of your […]

Scale-ups, growth champions of SMEs, Powerhouses of Productivity.

‘5.7 million SMEs generate £2 trillion for the UK economy;  33,860 scaleups contribute £1 trillion of this total!’’ ONS 2020 Staying in startup mode As a small business grows, and employees increase, it’s just not possible for the business owner to sort out all of the problems they face, as they arise. And if every […]

How to create Simple Logical and Repeatable Systems in your business

“So your secret weapon when it comes to creating How Tos will be…” If the mention of the word systems has brought you out in hives, fear not!  By the time you’ve read this post you’ll be seeing systems in a different, brighter, much friendlier light. And seeing the creation of systems in your business […]

Consistent quality – “it’s just the way we do things round here”.

I talk a LOT about the need for effective systems in your business. About the benefit of developing them and improving them in collaboration with the people who are going to work with them – and about how McDonald’s have used systems to become one of the most consistent and reliable brands on the planet. […]