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Scale-ups, growth champions of SMEs, Powerhouses of Productivity.

‘5.7 million SMEs generate £2 trillion for the UK economy;  33,860 scaleups contribute £1 trillion of this total!’’ ONS 2020 Staying in startup mode As a small business grows, and employees increase, it’s just not possible for the business owner to sort out all of the problems they face, as they arise. And if every […]

How to create Simple Logical and Repeatable Systems in your business

“So your secret weapon when it comes to creating How Tos will be…” If the mention of the word systems has brought you out in hives, fear not!  By the time you’ve read this post you’ll be seeing systems in a different, brighter, much friendlier light. And seeing the creation of systems in your business […]

Consistent quality – “it’s just the way we do things round here”.

I talk a LOT about the need for effective systems in your business. About the benefit of developing them and improving them in collaboration with the people who are going to work with them – and about how McDonald’s have used systems to become one of the most consistent and reliable brands on the planet. […]

5 Reasons why Successful Business Owners use a Probation System

“If you could re-hire all of your team members tomorrow, would you?” That’s a question you’ll have heard me refer to many times, and it’s a question I always put to my clients to get an immediate insight into the effectiveness of their hiring system. It’s occasionally met with a resounding ‘yes!’ Sometimes with a […]

In Celebration of International Women’s Day 2021

Fourteen inspiring businesswomen from across the globe come together to inspire women to create the next chapter of their lives. It’s been an extraordinary couple of years, during which time countless women around the world have gone that extra mile to inspire and support each other, to help one another rise, often in incredibly difficult […]

Mirror mirror on the wall – How self aware are you?

Communication is the golden thread that runs through every element of our business and every aspect of our role as the leader of the team. It’s fundamental to our success. And good communication will always be aligned with our values – reflecting who we are as a person. Reflecting what’s important to us, the lines we […]

The 5 Reasons why Managers avoid giving Feedback

When you’re looking to grow a scale-ready business there are two essential foundations that you need to build: simple logical and repeatable systems in every area of your operation, and a high performing team who take ownership for their role and run your systems effectively. Building that high-performing team relies on the effective training and […]