Business owners! Will you hold your True Course in 2019?

Imagine you have a boat. It’s the start of a new year and you’ve just set sail, headed out to sea – full of optimism and excitement. Captain of your destiny. Owner of your fate.

But where are you headed? Wherever the current takes you? Slave to the tide and the prevailing wind? Or have you plotted a course to take you to your dream destination?

Now imagine that boat is your business.

  • How well prepared are you for your business journey?
  • How clear are you about where you’re headed – your destination, your goal?
  • Have you thought about your ports, your milestones and how you’ll deal with any difficult waters and get around hazards?
  • What about your anchor – to help you through difficult times when the sea is raging or there’s no wind in your sails.
  • Who’s in the boat with you? Are they well drilled? Eager to perform their duties?

​Business navigation is no easier than navigating the ocean, but just like sailing the high seas, you’ll always be better off with robust preparation and planning, so give some thought to the following:

What’s the name of your boat?

This will say a lot about how you see yourself right now.

If you had to name it today what would it be: ‘Victory’, Endurance’?

Or might it be ‘All at Sea’?

Have you set your course?

What are your goals and milestones for 2019; for the next 90 days?

And what about practical action plans to achieve them?

How will you recognise that storms are coming before they hit?

What have you put in place to pick up on problems – to anticipate and overcome them?

How will you fill the gaps in your knowledge and experience?

Who or what are your anchors that will keep you from going under?

These are often the people who keep you grounded, keep you going, maybe develop and inspire you. A family member or a trusted mentor.

Perhaps they are words from a loved one that you carry with you.

Or perhaps it’s a faith, a belief in something greater than yourself.

How have you selected your crew?

Did you recruit to your values and passion? And how have you developed their skills to help them fulfill their promise? Can they take over happily if you get seasick or need to sleep?

What are the Values, the compass points that will keep you on a true course?

Those things that make you and your business tick, that show the world what you stand for. That you hold true too, day in and day out.

Do one thing: Think about where you’re headed in 2019, and ask these questions to check that you’re prepared for whatever comes – good or otherwise.​

Wishing you a safe and splendid passage through the year.

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Marianne Page

Marianne is the author of three books, and is currently working on her fourth, whilst regularly writing her blog, we hope you enjoy it :-)


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