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Mothers: the original leaders

Hot on the heels of International Women’s Day, comes another day which celebrates and honours the women of the world, in this case, more specifically, Mothers. Yes, it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday – a day dedicated to celebrating the strength, love, and guidance of mothers and to appreciate the tireless

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Time to Spring Forwards!

It’s that time again. The time of year we all look forward to. Lambs leaping; skylarks singing, daffodils dancing and rabbits doing… what rabbits do! Spring is in the air! And for many of us that means being overcome by a strange urge to spring clean; to de-clutter and spruce up

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Does your Vision give you goose-bumps?

When I was starting out on my own I had a dream of what I wanted to achieve, but like many dreams, it was hazy and unfocused, and I could never tell anyone what it was all about with any clarity. I wasn’t absolutely clear where I was going, and

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Tis the season to…plan

When I worked for McDonald’s I learned that planning is a team sport; most effective when it involves the people it affects as well as those who’ll deliver on it. I learned that you listen to those with the skills and experience, but you also consider the new and the

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Systems kill creativity! Really?

Drive on the left. Give way from the right. Don’t hog the middle lane. This is our ‘system’ for driving in the UK, or ‘the way we drive round here’. Despite having a system, there are still plenty of holdups what with accidents, roadworks and sheer volume of traffic, but

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What systems and toothache have in common

Last week I was featured in Management Today, which was fun. The article was all about my take on what small business has to learn from McDonald’s. You may have seen it, but if not then you can read it by clicking HERE. It’s a really good article, and well worth

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Why complaints are Gold Dust

‘Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.’ Bill Gates Have you ever wanted to complain online to a company only to find that complaints are not one of the fifteen options for selection. I tend to select customer query and then head the comments box with complaint.

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Planning for a crisis

The combines were out in force last night – up and down they went hour after hour, right through to 2am. Noisy buggers they are too, but rather than be frustrated or angry that they were disturbing my sleep with their racket, I was hugely impressed that they had been

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