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How to receive feedback

Are you open to feedback – from your team, from clients, from those nearest and dearest to you? Do you recognise that you don’t have all the answers? That you don’t always get things right? That, just like your team, you can learn something new, and improve your performance, every

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Management according to Vera

I love Vera. I love her complex character played by the great Brenda Blethyn, the people in her CID team and of course gorgeous Durham and Northumberland. And the storylines are just perfect Sunday night viewing, for me anyway. Whereas she has got some great qualities as a leader (more

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Are First Perceptions always Right?

“We judge ourselves by our intentions and others by their actions.” – Stephen Covey I was attacked by a wasp the other day. My lovely walk in the country was suddenly interrupted by a severe burning pain in my arm – the little beggar having sunk his stinger into me

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Control Freaks – the bind weed of the business world

​I had an interesting conversation with a control freak last week. He was telling me how he hates to delegate – doesn’t trust his employees to do anything without some sort of supervision, because they cock things up, make mistakes, take longer to do the job than he would. “I check EVERYTHING’ he

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The Power of Consistency

When you’re in a relationship, any relationship…whether it’s with a friend, a partner, a customer…what’s one of the things that you treasure most? For most of us I’m guessing it’s trust. You want to know that you can rely on the other person; that when they say that they’re going

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How’s your Employer brand?

Hands up if you’ve been an employee at some point in your life. Chances are you have…whether you had a paper round, worked in the local supermarket or did jobs around the house for your mum for a bit of pocket money. What was the experience like? Do you remember

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Are your workplace relationships ‘in tune’?

Some of you will have seen the tv reality show, The Choir; it’s been going for a while now and I’ve always enjoyed it, as much for Gareth Malone’s enthusiasm and empathy, as the music…I find the whole programme uplifting. What I’m noticing in this series, much more than I

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