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Customer Journey or Assault Course?

A while ago, we mapped out a customer journey for one of our clients. (We map it out on a roll of brown paper, looking at all of the touch-points that the customer has with the team, and who is involved at each point.) Their journey was about twenty-five feet

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Business Targets – Good or Bad?

‘9950! I just need to go up and down stairs a few times; I’m nearly there!’  Are you hooked on your 10000 steps a day? It’s that time of year again when we review how those new year resolutions are going. Use the stairs, eat less sugar, get off the bus

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Enough of this Planning Sh*t!

I’m a big film fan and one of my favourite clips from ‘The Untouchables’ is Sean Connery chasing a baddie, then gasping ‘Enough of this running sh*t!’ And I’ve read a few articles recently denigrating business plans which put me in mind of that line. So I was intrigued to

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Process creativity

Almost without fail, whenever I say the word ‘process’ in a conversation I can see the other person glaze over.  It’s almost instantaneous …’process’…gone!  It has the same effect on people as the words ‘insurance’ or ‘double-glazing’ or ‘accounting’…and yet, we all have process in our lives somewhere.  Many of

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