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Mothers: the original leaders

Hot on the heels of International Women’s Day, comes another day which celebrates and honours the women of the world, in this case, more specifically, Mothers. Yes, it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday – a day dedicated to celebrating the strength, love, and guidance of mothers and to appreciate the tireless

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Time to unplug?

Tis the season of the overloaded socket! Of course we have to have 3 sets of lights on the tree, and lights in the window, and we definitely need outside lights (only tasteful ones of course) and there’s only that one socket near the window so we’ve got to make

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Leader? Manager? or Hybrid?

Leader? Manager? or Hybrid? The challenge for the small business owner (and yes, the photo is a long shot – A Labradoodle ‘hybrid’ – but who doesn’t love the odd dog picture?!) “Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is

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Six Management Lessons we can learn from Gareth Southgate

In my business I often come across managers with one thing in common; they are flying by the seat of their pants! People who are ‘accidental managers’. You know, the great team member who is plucked from their team and given a management role or the talented business owner who

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Who’s hogging your attention?

How do you split your time between your superstars, your under-performers and your steady, reliable team members? I’ve spent some time this week working with a couple of my private clients, talking to their teams, individually, one-to-one to discover: What they love about their work What they find frustrating What aspirations

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