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Another Groundhog Day in your business?

Have you ever thought about the whole idea of Groundhog Day?  That day at the beginning of February when the groundhog is said to come out of its hibernation hole and if it sees its own shadow – if it’s a sunny day – then it will turn round and go back

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The Key to Successful Hiring

One of the questions I always ask my clients is ‘How many of your current team would you re-hire tomorrow if you were given the chance?’ So…how many would you re-hire? If you say all of them I’ll be delighted for you; that’s only happened to me once since I

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How to Train for Agility and a ‘One Team’ Culture

Any business that wants to anticipate changing circumstances and act with agility needs high-performing, multi-skilled teams. If you consider that, ‘the only constant is change’ then seamless adaptability is key if you’re going to meet challenges head on and continue to give customers the consistency they crave. Any training that

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8 Top Tips for Low-cost Learning

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” The other day I answered a query someone had about where they could get help to implement ‘Investors in People’. I started by asking what it was they wanted to achieve? Which got me

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Five Management Lessons we can Learn from Ole

​In my business I often come across managers with one thing in common; they are flying by the seat of their pants! People who are ‘accidental managers’. You know, the great team member who is plucked from their team and given a management role or the talented business owner who

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Inspire to hire

Hiring the right person for you, first time, every time! Wouldn’t that be great? By the time you’ve read this blog, I want to have convinced you that it’s possible. Not only possible but pleasurable; that it’s an exciting opportunity to build your high-performing team and grow your business. I’ll

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Frog! The breakfast of champions

In the last few weeks we’ve created your inspiring business vision and we’ve begun work on your business planning, but even the most inspiring vision, and the smartest of SMART plans will be wasted, if you don’t have an effective personal management system. Your daily routine is the cornerstone of your personal management system, and

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