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So what is a McFreedom Mindset anyway?

You’ve probably noticed I’ve been talking quite a lot about McFreedom and having a McFreedom mindset recently. And you’ve possibly been thinking ‘ What on Earth is this McFreedom thing all about?’ Well McFreedom is a word I use to describe ‘The freedom to scale, grow, sell or franchise your business

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Is your business stuck in a rut

It’s very easy to get stuck in a rut. Sometimes we don’t even recognise that we’re in one. A rut’s boring, same old same old. Dull, right? And that’s not your life! Well what if it is? Many successful small business owners get stuck in a rut. It’s called The

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Tis the season to…plan

When I worked for McDonald’s I learned that planning is a team sport; most effective when it involves the people it affects as well as those who’ll deliver on it. I learned that you listen to those with the skills and experience, but you also consider the new and the

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Let it go – 6 tips for positive reflection

‘When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you.’ – African Proverb Are you a reflector? Are you that person who looks back over the day and week and reflects on how it’s gone? Great. That’s a really good thing: it’s how we constantly learn and improve.

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It’s time to silence the voices!

It’s time to silence the voices! To get ‘unstuck’ and accelerate out of the rut you’re in. To find your McFreedom. How many dreams never get off the ground because we listen to the voices? The internal voices that ask us, ‘Just who do you think you are?’ ‘What makes

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Why business owners shouldn’t skip breakfast

Feedback is weird –  you either love it or loathe it depending on why you are giving it.  But we all know that ‘Feedback is the breakfast of champions’, as Ken Blanchard put it, essential for any successful business owner wanting to build strong relationships and develop a high performing

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Practice makes…

If you’re like me you’ll have automatically finished that line with ‘perfect’. I think most people would do the same. And it usually does make perfect. There are many very visible examples, particularly in sport, of people who practise so regularly, and with such commitment that they play the perfect

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Sharpen the Saw & up your productivity

A recent study of Alzheimer’s revealed that the best way to keep your brain functioning is not the daily crossword but physical exercise.  I didn’t know that. I mean I’ve always known that exercise is good for you in loads of ways, but this particular benefit, was news to me.

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Are you in the mole-whacking business?

​Last week I asked you to kill a snake. Continuing on this blood-thirsty theme, I’m wondering how much time you spend killing moles? You must have seen the arcade game Whack A Mole which is all about smacking cute little moles on the head as they peep out of their holes. Fun

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Thinking is a waste of time

I had a long day yesterday.  A full day masterminding, with 4 hours travelling time either end.  It was a great day – not only because the content of the meeting and the people I was sharing with were both top quality, but also because I had close to 8 hours of

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