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How to Choose a Mentor who is right for YOU

One of my favourite films is ‘A Few Good Men’ set in the US military. Tom Cruise, a lawyer, asks a soldier, “How do you know where to go for meals; it’s not in the manual?” “Well,” the soldier replies, “I guess I just follow the crowd at chow time.”

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Don’t let Social Media Undermine your Self-Esteem

Contentment can sound like a dirty word in business. There’s a thought that we should all be striving and pursuing and achieving and other go-getting verbs! And I agree I’m all for continuous improvement, for making things better and easier for clients; for being as good as I can be.

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Peacock or Eagle.  Who’s your mentor?

I’ve decided I don’t like Peacocks!  Not the birds, you understand, but the preening, self-congratulatory, loud individuals who can usually be found selling themselves as gurus and mentors – and giving those who actually are, a bad name.  ‘Ooh, look at my flash motor’, ‘Look at my fabulous house’, ‘Don’t

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How much do you trust yourself?

Trust is the key to success in every relationship. Yes, it’s true that relationships can exist without it, but that’s all they do…exist.  There’s no joy or happiness in a relationship that lacks trust…no foundation for growth and development…no real meaning. In fact you could argue, that as there is no real

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What do you stand for?

The other day I was having a chat with my mentor…I love having a mentor – someone who’s been where you want to go, knows the positives and the pitfalls, the short-cuts and the sure-things, and just won’t stand for any of your ‘can’t’ nonsense. I’ve had a few over

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Be Bright – Play your own game

Do you remember playing games when you were little? You would always be told what game you were playing…how to play…and how to win…but not how to play to win. Not the strategies that you needed…or the tactics to employ…or how to use your skills to best effect. For a

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What if…dreams came true?

I have a dream! Who doesn’t know that line?…and who said it? …and when? Just a few words, that inspired an awful lot of action. Life-changing, world-changing action. A dream did that. These days, in business, dreaming has a bad name…it’s associated with wishing and hoping, with pie-in-the-sky thinking and head

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