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7 Steps to Develop Success Habits

Did you know that around 95% of everything you think, feel, do and achieve is the result of habit?​ So the habits that are making you productive or unproductive, keeping you stuck or making you successful, right now, have almost certainly been with you since your youth. Unsuccessful people have

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Overwhelmed? Do, Ditch or Delegate!

Over the past few years I’ve talked to a lot of business owners who are struggling with how much they have to get done, and let’s face it, us business owners have a lot of ‘stuff’ to do. So much stuff and all of it urgent. A bulging inbox controlling

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Are you the Energy blackhole in your SME?

Does your spouse complain that they see too much of you? Do your kids groan at your taking them out for the day, again? Are you the number one invite on your friends’ social calendar? Do you never take your laptop on holiday with you? No? So you’re telling me

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Lessons from the Bake-off Tent

One of my simple pleasures at this time of year, is the return of the Great British Bake Off. I don’t profess to be any sort of baker (I did once beat the bottom out of the bowl making fairy cakes!) but I do love watching other people have a

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Time to break ‘the White Rabbit Habit’

‘Sorry my train was delayed’ ‘Sorry I had to take an important call’ ‘Damn and blast – I didn’t get that done when I said I would…again!’ Are you the White Rabbit? Are you always singing ‘I’m late I’m late for a very important date’ or rushing around using much stronger language?

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Fishing for Success?

Did you know that the biggest participation “sport” in the UK is fishing? Seriously!  I couldn’t believe it either! I tried fishing once, and nearly put my sister’s eye out with a hook but that’s another story. Finding and keeping new customers can be a bit like fishing. Deciding what

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Are you in the mole-whacking business?

​Last week I asked you to kill a snake. Continuing on this blood-thirsty theme, I’m wondering how much time you spend killing moles? You must have seen the arcade game Whack A Mole which is all about smacking cute little moles on the head as they peep out of their holes. Fun

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Reward after Overwhelm

It’s been a tough old week this week…12 days long so far!  But it’s given me two really good reminders that I want to share with you. The first is that overwhelm happens to everyone at some time or another.We all have our days where we feel completely swamped by

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Success is not all about hard work

Pardon my frankness, but there’s a lot of hard-core, macho bullshit out there at the minute.  Loud, shouty voices telling us that hard work is the only route to success…that we’ve got to put the hours in, that business owners don’t have free-time or time for holidays…that we have to

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What are Distractions costing you & your business?

Distractions…those things that move our focus from one thing to another…are keeping you overwhelmed, doubling your workload…and keeping you poor. Distractions overcomplicate our lives…and they are completely avoidable…we CHOOSE to be distracted. While a few distractions are unexpected, like the phone ringing or someone at the door, the majority begin

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