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Bank Holiday Weekends – Are you taking time off?!

20% of business owners interviewed didn’t have a single day off that year. Ah, another bank holiday approaches and all over the UK those SME’s closing down for 3 days are scuttling round like blue-arsed flies. (Where does that expression come from? Anyone?) There’s nothing like an approaching holiday to

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Will you be attached to your phone on Christmas Day?

Business owners, will you be keeping one eye on your e-mails on Christmas Day? According to recent research 1 in 5 of us will be. I can picture it now, a sneaky look at your phone secreted under your Christmas napkin and then all hell breaking loose when you’re spotted!

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How to holiday like a teacher

I saw a tweet the other day by a business owner saying that we should all be teachers – his mate was off for his third trip to the Northern hemisphere this year! Just imagine those six weeks+, how switched off, how re-energised you could be…? I’m not saying that

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Business Owners, Are you Working for a Lunatic?

‘If your business depends on you, then you don’t own a business, you have a job, and it’s the worst job in the world, because you’re working for a lunatic.’ So says Michael Gerber in the ‘E-Myth’, the bible for so many entrepreneurs, and rightly so, in my opinion. In

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