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How to Choose a Mentor who is right for YOU

One of my favourite films is ‘A Few Good Men’ set in the US military. Tom Cruise, a lawyer, asks a soldier, “How do you know where to go for meals; it’s not in the manual?” “Well,” the soldier replies, “I guess I just follow the crowd at chow time.”

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How a lack of Vision slowed my startup

When I was starting out on my own I had a dream of what I wanted to achieve, but like many dreams, it was hazy and unfocused, and I could never tell anyone what it was all about with any clarity. It was like seeing a shape at the end

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I’ve got Rhythm! Have you?

Life is awash with rhythms. The sun rises and sets, the tides ebb and flow, the seasons come and go, even if not as consistently of late! My business now enjoys a lovely rhythm too and the beat is set by 90 day cycles. I read a great blog the

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How to plan for a future you want

‘If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up someplace else.’ -Yogi Berra My parents as they got older, often got into their car without knowing where they were going exactly. Okay, they knew roughly they were heading for – the Lakes or North Yorkshire or Northumberland but their

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