Do you blow an uncertain trumpet?

‘As a leader you cannot blow an uncertain trumpet’

I don’t know who said that but I really like the phrase ‘an uncertain trumpet’. I’m assuming it’s from the battlefield where the blast of a trumpet was a rousing call to arms.  Imagine the effect if the trumpeter had played a few timorous disjointed notes. 

How many of us ‘blow an uncertain trumpet’  – clear that we want a successful business, but unclear what that success looks like; unable to articulate our vision to our team; unable to inspire them with our certainty?

Some people are born visionaries; born with a certainty of their destiny; the mark they are going to make on the world.

Most of us are not.  Most of us have to work it out; have to go down several blind alleys before we recognise our true passion, the thing that makes our heart sing, and then build a business around it.

Some people never reach that point.  They build a business around someone else’s dream; they focus on the money; they make-do with a business that will give them nice things, and don’t stop to think how much more fulfilling their life would be if they were doing something they loved. 

With no passion and no vision, their business is a job, separate from their life.  They have no trumpet and no means, or desire to inspire their team.

When I work with business owners I want them to ‘get’ that success is a destination.  I want them to be really clear about what success means to them; what their ideal future looks like; what they will be, do, have.

I’m looking for excitement.  I’m looking for passion.  I’m looking for their eyes lighting up as they see their destination.

Your team will follow a ‘certain’ trumpet. They’ll be inspired by someone who knows exactly where they’re going and why – a leader who has a clear vision and a great set of values that match their own.

Do you blow a certain trumpet?

Do one thing: Take time out over the next few days, maybe go for a walk, or find somewhere quiet to sit, and think about your passion – think about what’s really important to you, and what your ideal future would look like  – think about the path you’re on, and if it’s the right path for you, the one that is going to take you to your destination.…Success!

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Marianne Page

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