Fruit for Thought

Are you a good judge of character?

Can you cut through what’s being said at an interview to get to what really makes someone tick?

If so you will have team members who really ‘get’ your business, who celebrate success as if it were their name above the door. They’ll add value to your business and be great to have around.

But what happens when you get it wrong?

Have you ever had an apple go rotten in your fruit bowl and slowly turn all of the other fruit…?

A bad apple in your team is bad for business. They’ll cost you both time and money, not only to remove them, but also to replace them and put right any damage they may have done to the rest of the team, draining energy and causing a knock-on effect of under-performance.

Research by CIPD estimates the cost of replacing a single underperforming employee at £4800 and take more than nine weeks. Other independent research from a few years ago, reckoned that the UK’s SMEs were wasting £69m on poor recruitment decisions!

Small Business owners are naturally concerned about getting it wrong, and this sort of fallout can put many off recruiting, even when you know that to expand or even survive, you need to take the plunge.

So how do you get it right first time? 

It may sound obvious to say invest your time in hiring the right person and have a robust probation system to make doubly sure that your judgement is sound, but where to start?

At McDonald’s, we always had a system for everything, and that included all of the stages of recruiting and training the right person for the business. The Hiring process, the Interview process, including the questions to ask, the first day and probation period…everything was planned, nothing left to chance, and when followed and practised, these processes and systems rarely let us down.

We’ve adapted those systems for you and created our own Simple Systems to Remove your People Pain – everything from ‘How to Hire the Perfect Person for YOU’ to ‘How to say Yes, and how to say No’; from How to make a First Day Memorable’ to ‘How to write an effective Job Description’ – all complete with guidelines and ready to use templates.

Simple Systems to make your life easier.

They’re here for you when you need them, but first…

Do one thing: Download The Busy Business Owner’s Guide to Removing the People Pain, and let’s get you started building the perfect team for YOU.

ps Recruiting the wrong person will cost you (at least) a hundred times more than investing time in hiring the right person first time. One bad apple really can rot the whole bowl.

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