Have you got your priorities right?

I come across a lot of overwhelmed and frustrated business people these days.  I guess that’s partly because I go looking for them knowing that I can help…but still, there are a lot.  People who can’t see the wood for the trees, who feel that the work, or the challenge in front of them is too great, who don’t believe they have the time to get the stuff done that they need to.

The dictionary will show you that there are two levels of overwhelm – on any given day, many of us can find ourselves swamped, inundated, clogged, submerged or overburdened…it’s a temporary if stressful feeling, and it can be overcome pretty easily when you know how.

Those who don’t know how, who can’t find a way out, and who don’t get help, move into stage two, and find themselves out of business… conquered, beaten, crushed, and clobbered (great word).  These are the people for whom overwhelm becomes the norm.  People who are always in chaos and in crisis.  People who have lost sight of what is really important…in their lives, as well as in their business.

Priorities are the antidote to overwhelm.

So few people know what is really important in their lives…an even smaller number can articulate their priorities, and in my experience none are consciously planning their time around them to Get the Right Stuff Done.

People will tell me that they want to be healthy, to have productive relationships, to have a great business…but what does that look like?  What does being healthy mean to you…able to run a marathon, or simply able to get out of bed?  And what about that great business…do you want to make £10m every year, or have a business that allows you to work one day a week and still support your lifestyle?

When you are really clear about your priorities…about what your ideal future looks like…about what your heart and mind tell you is important.  And when you can answer the question WHY. You will never be clogged, crushed or clobbered by overwhelm again.

What you define as your ideal future, will drive your performance today.  You want a great relationship with your children when they’re grown…you make time to build that relationship…today.  Want to be healthy into your old age…get off your butt today and go for a walk…today.  Want to work one day a week…find someone to do your books and other admin…today.

Ask, ‘What am I trying to achieve…and why?’…ditch or delegate anything that does not move you towards your priorities…and have a productive day, focused on what’s really important in your life and Getting the Right Stuff Done.

This is YOUR time.  2014 is Your year.  Make every single day count.

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Marianne Page

Marianne is the author of three books, and is currently working on her fourth, whilst regularly writing her blog, we hope you enjoy it :-)


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