How much do you trust yourself?

Trust is the key to success in every relationship.

Yes, it’s true that relationships can exist without it, but that’s all they do…exist.  There’s no joy or happiness in a relationship that lacks trust…no foundation for growth and development…no real meaning. In fact you could argue, that as there is no real connection or bond of trust, a relationship in the true sense of the word doesn’t actually exist. It’s all just transactional.

In life and in business we all have people who we trust…if we’re lucky a few that we have a really strong bond with. We often choose to trust other people, after knowing them for only a short time, and based on very little info.

So why is it so often that we choose not to trust ourselves?

I’m a very trusting person…some might say ridiculously so. I trust people, and businesses, until they teach me not to.  Have I been hurt because of this…of course.

But what’s hurt me a lot more in the past…what’s held me back and led to me ‘playing small’…has been a lack of trust in the one person I can truly rely on to always be there…ME.

And I know I’m not alone in this. We trust in other people…believe in what they say and what they do…but we don’t always trust in ourselves.

I went through a particularly bad time with this a few years ago.  I stopped believing who I was.  I tried to fit in…to be who I thought people wanted me to be…to say and do the ‘right’ things.  And it cost me.  Friends, relationships, self esteem…people who loved me for who I really am, simply didn’t want to be around a pale imitation.

Looking back it’s hard to believe that I ever had so little faith in myself.

Then one day I was listening to a presentation, and from the stage came the words…”Don’t be an unsung song“.

At the time it was like the presenter was talking directly to me.  ‘Don’t be an unsung song Marianne. You have a voice. You add value in the world.  You have skills and experience that can help others to fulfil their potential. Listen to your heart…get off your backside…and go be YOU’

And that’s really the message I want to get across to you today. We all have doubts now and again – it’s hard to trust those who say they don’t, right? But our doubts should never stop us doing. They should never stop us being ourselves and giving what is truly unique about us to the world.

On those doubting days, fall back on your systems, on your daily routines…those things that keep you moving, keep you acting. That’s what I always do…and it works for me.  And check out your testimonials…your e mails…the words that remind you how important you are to the people who want your stuff…want to hear what you have to say…who benefit from what you put out there.

Even if it’s only one person, it’s still worth it.  Even if that one person is you…you’re worth it.

Don’t be selfish.  Don’t be scared.  Don’t be an unsung song.

Trust in you…get out there…and do your thing!

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