How to holiday like a teacher

I saw a tweet the other day by a business owner saying that we should all be teachers – his mate was off for his third trip to the Northern hemisphere this year!

Just imagine those six weeks+, how switched off, how re-energised you could be…? I’m not saying that teachers don’t have a shed-load of work to catch up on and prepare for the next year, but to have that space away from work, and to be able to travel…

It’s a sad stat that 52% of all small business owners in the UK say they only took five days holiday or less last year, with 21% per cent not taking any days off at all!

I hear business owners all the time, saying that they’re working hard for their children, to give them a better life, a better future. But if they asked their kids which they’d prefer, you can bet they’d rather spend time, having their fun with mum and dad right now…not at some distant point in the future.

When I ask clients what their ideal future looks like, one of the first things they say is they want ‘a great relationship with my kids’. What many don’t get is that it’s hard to pick things up when you’ve made your millions and your kids are turning eighteen. You need to build those blocks from a young age, by being there for school sports days, reading stories, teaching them stuff.

Of course it’s not just relationships that suffer; working without breaks can break you. Your health can suffer both physically and mentally. And how can you do your best work if you’re constantly tired? Holidays re-energise you, re-invigorate you, and re-focus you, and if you’re anything like me, you always come back refreshed and bursting with ideas and inspiration for the business.

The more holiday the better – for you and your business.

So how can you holiday like a teacher?

How can you go away for weeks at a time, and completely switch off, no phone calls, no e-mails, no stress?

Well, you need systems in your business…of course; that ‘one, right way’ to do everything.

And then you need someone to be you when you’re away. Someone who is your voice with the team, who shares your vision and values.

Someone you know will use their initiative if things don’t go to plan.

Someone who takes the day to day in their stride, and has the respect of the team. Someone who you trust.

When business owners realise that they need this person in their business, they often throw money at the problem – offering a big salary, thinking that money, and a great CV will guarantee them a great manager.

They throw out everything they’ve learned about hiring to your values, and go for the best CV, which as you know, doesn’t always work out. Sometimes they get lucky, and their new (very expensive) manager works out well. But sometimes it doesn’t, and they’ve not only wasted time and money, but also often upset and unsettled their team.

The other route that many business owners take is to promote someone from their team – very often the person who is the best performer, great at what they do. But of course, the best workers don’t always make the best managers. Not everyone wants to be yanked away from a job that they are really good at, and that they love, to manage a team.

The person you’re looking for is already respected by the rest of the team – they listen to him or her. The person is solid and dependable, but also motivates the rest of the team when the pressure is on. They have high standards, and they love training new people, and picking up on any sloppiness with the old hands. They’re not necessarily the most technically gifted, but you love working with them

Identify that person in your team, and then develop them as a manager. Skills can be learned if there’s a sound base, so invest in their development – either teach them yourself if you have the skills and the time, and if not, get someone like me to do it for you.

The investment you make will pay dividends in a happy and engaged team, and not just great for your business but for your life.

You want to holiday like a teacher?

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