Inspiring a generation…?

I am not afraid to admit it…I am completely swept up in the whole Olympic experience…like a big kid I have screeched myself hoarse at the TV, watched in amazement at our lads fantastic gymnastic exploits, and cried real tears as the rowing girls picked up our first British gold.  I have got up at ridiculous o’clock to start work, so that I wouldn’t feel any guilt interrupting my day to watch the Brits in action, and found any excuse to have meetings in London, just to soak up the atmosphere until I can get to my first event this Saturday.

Since that gobsmackingly great opening ceremony, I have been bursting with British pride.

And that’s not just thanks to the performances of the athletes…

These very British Olympics are a bright and shining example of the very best of British service.  There has been almost as much talk about the fantastic hospitality served up by the Gamesmakers as there has been about Olympic medals.  The media have raved about their cheeriness whatever the time of day or night; the athletes have felt moved to comment about the standing ovations and encouragement they have received from the volunteers as they have entered the park to practise at 5am; and the visitors have felt cosseted and cared for by the teams of smiling, helpful people in the purple and orange uniforms.

Normal British service has been temporarily suspended.

In its place is a beast of a very different kind…friendly, warm, sincere…and determined to help every customer to have a great time.  These Gamesmakers turn up early, stay late, don’t complain about where they are working or sore feet.  As a result, everyone is enjoying the whole experience and no-one seems to have anything to whinge about.  Even the most caustic comics and commentators, who had been whetting their lips with thoughts of the material that would come their way, have been moved to focus on the 70,000 volunteers and their huge impact on the reputation of British service.

As Mark Easton, BBC news online puts it…

…in the short walk from Stratford station to the Olympic Park, it is the people who have given up their time for nothing who leave the greatest impression…. For me, it is the Games Makers who are making the Games.

…the unpaid helpers are everywhere, ready with directions and brimming with enthusiasm. They have clearly been encouraged to let their personalities bloom. There is nothing corporate about the welcome. It is individual and human. It is really rather British.
Every one of the volunteers I met seemed sincere in simply wanting visitors to have a wonderful experience. There was little in it for them other than the joy of making London 2012 a success.’

These Games are about inspiring future generations…how great would it be if present and future generations were inspired by these Gamesmakers to enjoy creating a fantastic experience for their customers.
What a legacy that would be..!

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