Is 2014 your year of ACTion?

I was at a business meeting this week, where the people around the table were talking about their plans for 2014.  It was both inspiring and frightening in equal measure.

While some had clearly spent a great deal of time time thinking about the coming year, reviewing wins and lessons learned from last year, setting themselves challenging goals, and planning what they would focus on and when…at least half the room had not. Wish lists and hopes were the order of the day, with lots of pre-prepared excuses for why things wouldn’t work again this year.

There was lots of talk of how much there was to do, and how little time…the children, and lack of technical know-how were trotted out as blocks to success…lack of confidence, ignorance of e mail marketing, online gaming addictions, the list of reasons why not was seemingly endless.

Despite having great ideas with huge potential, they were prepared to sit on them, out of what..? Fear? Laziness? Procrastination? They were keen enough to come to business meetings, but not motivated enough to take action.  It both saddened and frustrated me.

An idea…even a great one…is only an idea, until you act on it.

For those who ACT…those who plan…set targets…focus on priorities…get stuff done…the rewards are great and plentiful.

But you have to act…every day.

You have to be focused on your priorities…every day.

You have to get stuff done…every day!

It demands discipline, yes…it requires commitment, absolutely…and when you reach a target, when you achieve a goal…it requires wild celebration, most definitely!

You have to really want success to achieve it.  You have to be passionate about what you do and 100% committed to doing it.  You have to have enough drive and self discipline to get past your barriers and take action that moves you forward every single day.

2014 is the year of ACTION…be an ACTor and have your best year yet!

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Marianne Page

Marianne is the author of three books, and is currently working on her fourth, whilst regularly writing her blog, we hope you enjoy it :-)


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