Is your business ‘on Purpose’?

Is your business on Purpose?

Of course there are a number of ways to take that question, but for me, there are only two that really matter…

In a business context, I’m talking about process and systems. There are so many of us in business who fly by the seat of our pants! It’s fun, right? It’s edgy…it keeps you on your toes…every day is different.

Well that’s great, and may even work really well while you’re a start-up, or a one-man-band…but what happens when you want to grow? What happens when you have a small team and they also have to wing it…when they are all delivering your service or creating your product in their own way…muddling through as best they can? Can you imagine how much time and money is wasted?

Running your business ‘on purpose’ means that everyone in the team knows what’s expected of them. They follow a set process, a set procedure for every activity…they ALL follow the same processes and procedures…they do things on purpose. Not randomly, not as they feel like it, but on purpose.

Time is saved. Money is saved. You have control.

Is that how you run your business?

The other ‘on purpose’ I’m referring to (and without getting too heavy for a Friday evening) is your life purpose. By that I mean, are you doing what you were put on this planet to do…using your skills to the fullest…following your passion? Is your business built around your passion? …around your values and beliefs? Do you have a clear vision for the future that you’re following…or have you been caught up in delivering someone else’s vision, and now feel stuck on a hamster wheel that you simply can’t get off?

Do you start every day, week, month, planning session, with the powerful question…”What am I trying to achieve…and why?” to tune you in to what’s really important and keep you heading towards your vision.

If you’re living your life ‘on purpose’ then the answer to most of these questions will be yes. If you’re not, then I would highly recommend that you spend time with someone who can help you get back on track.

We all have a passion for something, we all have gifts and we all have a vision of a desired-future…so why not go after it?

Live your life ‘on purpose. Life is way too short not to.

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