Is your Passion driving your Profits?

Why are you in business?

It’s one of the most fundamental questions that every business owner should be able to answer.  What is the underlying reason behind why you set up your business?

The most successful businesses are built around someone’s passion…the business owner who has a really strong WHY, will always surpass the guy who focuses entirely on the WHAT.  Think about Richard Branson…his WHY is that he felt customers were getting a rough deal…being taken for granted…and he wanted to give them better…in the air, with their mobile phone, in the gym.  That’s his passion, his WHY, and he’s always followed it.

So what’s yours?  Does it still drive you, and drive your business?

Sometimes we start out full of passion, but somehow lose it along the way.  Often that’s because when we started out we were small, maybe even a one-man band…we were in control of everything, had time to check everything was just right – with our service and our products – and we were making profit…pretty good profit.

But as we’ve grown, as we’ve taken on more people, we’ve lost that control…we’re still trying to check everything, follow up on everyone, to make sure that our products and our service are just as we want them, but we don’t have time, and in trying to make time we’re exhausting ourselves.  Mistakes are being made, costs are going up, profits are plummeting, and we are so busy working the day to day that we don’t have time to think about how we’ll achieve the vision of the future that we once had.  Passion is a very distant memory.

And the danger is that we never escape this downward spiral…we simply run ourselves and our business into the ground.  It’s an all too common scenario.

Passion, like water, is most powerful when it is contained and harnessed…when it has a structure around it.  Your passion for your business needs similar structure…

It needs systems and processes that are the blueprint for how you want things done…it needs a hand-picked team of people who buy into your passion and who get that their job is to work the systems and follow the process…and it needs you to get out of their way and allow them to get on with it.

Only then will your passion drive your profits and deliver sustainable growth.

Don’t believe me?  Take a look around you at the Golden Arches on every high street and in every retail park…a business built around one man’s passion, that has been driven to sustained and continuous growth by the power of consistent process and systems.

Fancy a bit of that success?  Let your passion drive your profits – systemise your business.

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Marianne Page

Marianne is the author of three books, and is currently working on her fourth, whilst regularly writing her blog, we hope you enjoy it :-)


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