Is your personal development helping you get the right stuff done?

I’ve had a few experiences in the last couple of weeks that have made me question what I am spending my time and money on…and who with, in relation to my personal development.  Like you undoubtedly, I could have bought a small desert island with the amount I have invested in my own improvement over the years, and like you I’ve learned that all is not as it seems out there…much of it is smoke and mirrors.

I’m not saying this to denigrate the ‘expert industry’, far from it…there are some great people out there who really care about delivering on their promises, and who invest time in getting to know and give appropriate support to those who have invested, often more than they can currently afford, with them.  These are the experts who will turn away people who are either not ready for their programme, or their mindset is not right for it; who will ask as many questions of the potential customer as the customer asks of them; who believe and set out to ensure, that this is the beginning of a relationship, and not simply a transaction.  These are the experts who care, and they’re the sort I not only want to work with, but aim to be myself.

Because, like you, I’ve also experienced the alternative.  There are some big names out there who are not so discerning about who they sign up; who are great at the sales pitch – inspiring and pressurising in equal measure – but not so great at the ‘personal’ bit.  Like going to a wholesaler rather than your local shop, you get the mass-produced, one size fits all development…that never does…sent off down some rabbit hole doing stuff that is not right for your business…or at least not right now.  The pedlars of high powered, high priced CRM systems and the like, which are a great fit for their million pound business, but can eat right through the roots of your money tree, and waste what would be better spent elsewhere.

The onus is on us of course to choose wisely…to do our due diligence before handing over our cash…to find out more about the person behind the sales pitch before we are sold to, and from people who not only have recent experience, but are also in a similar position to ourselves; to be sure that we are going to get the level of support, motivation, challenge, how-to info, guidance…that is relevant to us, right here, right now.

It’s a costly business personal development, in terms of both time and money – invest wisely, and well.

This is Your time.  2014 is Your year. Make every single day of it count.

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Marianne Page

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