It’s Christmas! Make the most of it!

Is it really the last Friday before Christmas?!  Where has this year gone? And how ready are you for the one that’s about to begin?

I’m sure that, with so few days left before the big day, your mind is way too full of all the things that you have to get done…for both your family and your business…to read a long post from me, so I’ll keep this brief.

I have two simple suggestions for you, which I believe will not only make your Christmas both merry and bright…but will also set you up brilliantly to roar into 2014 with renewed passion and energy.

Suggestion number one…

Take time off over Christmas and the New Year…and I don’t just mean Christmas day!  Take at least eight consecutive days from Christmas Day through to Jan 2nd to relax and think of nothing but yourself and those around you.

If you can avoid checking e mails…do!

If you don’t have to write a blog or post on social media…don’t!

Take long walks, watch trashy films, spend way too long over breakfast and dinner putting the world to rights.

Eat, drink, and be merry…the business will still be there when you come back to it.

And what’s even better…while you’re ‘not thinking’ about your business, you’ll have some of your best ideas!  You’ll be able to see the big picture, and get clarity on those issues that have been your bug-bears over the last few months when you’ve simply been too busy to think.

The coming year will seem less daunting, more exciting, full of opportunity…and you’ll come back to the game knowing what you have to achieve…and why!

Which brings me to suggestion number two…

Before you switch off, spend a few hours, maybe an evening, with a glass of wine and a notebook pondering the question:

‘What am I trying to achieve…and why?’

It’s a hugely powerful question for planning – whether you’re looking at the next year of your life, or the next hour – forcing you to focus on what’s really important…your meaningful priorities.

Then, while you relax and have fun with your family, your subconscious will work its magic, just as it often does overnight when you’ve posed it a problem before drifting off to sleep.  When you come back to plan the year ahead, you’ll be amazed at how clearly you see the year laid out before you…not only what you’re going to achieve…but why…and how.

Of course we all know it’s not magic, just like we know that Santa doesn’t really come down the chimney…but even so, the presents still end up under the tree! So maybe it’s worth giving it a try.  What’s the worst that can happen…?

Have a fabulously fun and festive Christmas, and a hugely prosperous and successful new year.

God bless us…every one!

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Marianne Page

Marianne is the author of three books, and is currently working on her fourth, whilst regularly writing her blog, we hope you enjoy it :-)


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