It’s time to silence the voices!

It’s time to silence the voices! To get ‘unstuck’ and accelerate out of the rut you’re in. To find your McFreedom.

How many dreams never get off the ground because we listen to the voices?

The internal voices that ask us,

Just who do you think you are?’ ‘What makes you so special?’

That tell us to play it safe, don’t invest, don’t take a risk.

That at the first sign of trouble say, ‘I told you so’.

Those voices that take every little hiccup and present it as evidence to support their ‘you’re never going to succeed’ stance.

How many business owners get stuck because of the external voices that say,

‘If I’m not around, nothing’s gonna get done right.  These people are just so dim!’

‘I’ve got to work again this weekend, there’s nobody else who can do my books/ write my marketing copy/ sort out my CRM’

‘Who needs planning – I don’t have time for it, and besides, I know where I’m going’

‘Systems are a luxury I can’t afford!’

It’s time to silence the voices!

It’s time to get ‘unstuck’ and accelerate out of the rut you’re in.

But how?

Simple.  By following the 10 steps to McFreedom™

  1. Your Vision and Values  –  Get very clear about your Values, and your Vision for your business.  What does your business stand for – what makes it special?
  2. Personal Management System  –  Understand what you want from your life. What does your ideal future look like? Know your destination – what success looks like to you – all of your plans will be focused on this.
  3. Your Business 3-1-90  –  Your goals and objectives need to be given a timeframe for success.  We have 3 year goals to take the business forward to create your vision, reviewed annually.  This is then broken down into 90 days goals to keep you focused and moving forward.
  4. Your Customer Journey  –  Looking at the contact your customer has with you is essential in making sure you aren’t asking them to jump through hoops.  How can it be simplified to make you Easy To Do Business With?
  5. Your Operating Processes  –  Think of this as “The way we do things round here” , the things your employees do to support your customers along their journey. Make things Simple, Logical and Repeatable to ensure that every task is done in the same way, to the same high standard all of the time.
  6. How and Who You Hire  –  Hire only employees who reflect the vision and values that you have set for your company.  The people who will be able to deliver the operating processes within your business and ensure that smooth customer journey.
  7. Your Training System  –  Once hired, it’s vital that you train your employees to deliver the great service and product that you aspire to.  Do you have a system in place that supports your employees, allowing them to grow into a high performing team?
  8. Performance Management  –  Understanding how your business and employees are performing is essential.  Reviewing your business gives you the opportunity to see where you have been successful, but to also highlight areas that need to be focussed on.  How do you manage the performance of your employees on both a formal and informal basis? What are the consequences for poor performance?
  9. Recognition and Reward  –  Once you have reviewed your employee’s performance, how do you reward and recognise them for doing a great job?
  10. Continuous Improvement  –  The McFreedom System™ is a cycle, and one that you have to keep pedalling!  Understand it, work with it, and you’ll not only ensure the continuous improvement of your business and the achievement of your vision, but you’ll also gain your own McFreedom.

Want to silence those voices for good?

Do one thing: Join us at The McFreedom Secrets Workshop and learn what The McFreedom System™ could do for you and your business.  Find out more HERE

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