July 27th, 2012

As the Frog heads off on a well-earned break, she leaves us with the humorous…and bizarre of customer experience.  A fun way to lead into this historic Olympic evening…
For the past week, I’ve been making the most of this fantastically warm weather and having fun in the sun.  Therefore, I thought it would be apt to extend the spirit of merriment to this week’s blog… and share with you one of my favourite customer experience sites:  www.notalwaysright.com
You’re probably starting to wonder why I’ve signposted you to a customer service experience site for the purposes of amusement.  You’re also probably starting to question whether my interpretation of “merriment” is the same as yours.  All I can say is that the site shares frank tales of the customer service experience from an employee perspective… often with much hilarity ensuing.
And while the stories are always entertaining (and frequently quite alarming), I’ve also found them surprisingly enlightening and thought-provoking.  For example:
A Light in the Darkness
(Our lighting store is very hands-on with service. On a slow day, I see a customer standing near our counter. She is looking at some lights displayed on the roof.)
Me: “Hi, can I give you a hand today?”
Customer: *angry* “NO! You know, you’re the fourth person in ten minutes to ask me for help! I just want to look at the lights. I don’t need any help. I just want to be left alone!”
Me: “Okay, then.”
(I walk away, rather surprised by her reaction. I see another customer, an elderly man, and decide to approach him)
Me: “Can I give you a hand, or were you just having a look?”
Elderly Customer: “Just having a look, thank you. You know, you’re the third person to ask me that. What great service you guys have!”
Interesting, eh?
But getting back on track, merriment is what I promised and so merriment is what you shall have:
A Pack of the Clones
(Instead of having a definite job role I am just expected to help out wherever the restaurant is short. On this day, I have been cleaning)
Customer: “Excuse me, could you tell me where your toilets are?”
Me: “Just through there, sir. Just give me a moment to get the cleaning stuff out of there.”
(I clear the toilet and leave. On my way downstairs, I am asked to open the bar up for the customers. I change and do so)
Same Customer: “Oh, weren’t you just upstairs?”
Me: “Yes, sir. Can I get you anything?”
Same Customer: *nervous look* “Uh, I’ll just have a coffee. I’m sitting over there…”
(After serving, I change again and start waiting tables)
Me: “Hello again. Can I take your order?”
Same Customer: *upset* No…no…I think I’ll have to leave…”
Me: “Are you okay, sir?”
Same Customer: “I can’t eat in a place that employs CLONES! CLONES! CLONES EVERYWHERE!” *leaves*
So grab an iced cold margarita, deckchair & space in the sun and treat yourself to an indulgent evening of “consumer research”.  Enjoy!
Have a great Olympics…from all at Marianne Page Limited.


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Marianne Page

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