Love is all you need

I was at a wedding recently where the priest was bemoaning the fact that we only have one word for love in the English language.  ‘Indeed’ he said, ‘we are as likely to love a bag of crisps as the person we are about to marry’.
Love is a word that I use a lot…I have a huge capacity for love, and I have no problem talking about it…occasionally to my cost…as even close friends have been known to freak out when I tell them I love them!
So I was delighted when I came across a chapter in my current bedtime reading, Daniel Priestley’s wonderful book ‘Entrepreneur Revolution’, which stated that ‘the new game [of business] is love’!  At last! Someone giving me permission to love in a business context!
Daniel asserts that the successful businesses of the future will talk love in the boardroom. They’ll ask how they can make sure that their employees love working for them, their customers love buying from them, their suppliers love supplying them, and that everyone loves talking about them.
They won’t talk about beating the competition or dominating the market…they’ll talk about love, and they will be more successful for having that focus.

What Daniel does not go onto say, but that I will say for him, is that the successful business owner will also love process.
They will love having systems that make their lives easier; that give their people the structure to be as consistent and effective as a Formula 1 pit stop team; that their customers find easy to do business with.
They will love how a strong foundation of systems and processes, gives them the time to work on their business rather than in it.
And they will love how their cost efficient systems and lovable customer experience provides them with the cashflow and the profit to fund the growth of the business they love.
“The pay off is huge.  Can you imagine waking up every day and getting paid to do what you love?  Can you imagine hearing back from people who say you delivered real value to them, and because of that, they simply love to do business with you?” (DP)

Why wouldn’t you embrace this idea?
Love really is all you need.

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