No system for selling = no system for scaling

Are you easy to do business with?

How do you sell in your business?’. 

Err, well it’s sort of like this.’

What is the buying process for a potential customer as the first stage of their journey through your business?’ 

Hmmm, well we don’t have a process as such but we seem to get by’.

Many businesses will operate successfully in this way; perhaps they have one great sales person who does his or her ‘thing’. But can that ‘thing’ be learned by others; can the effectiveness of that thing be predicted, can it be rolled out to a growing salesforce? 

And if the answer is ‘no’ then how will you scale? 

And in the short term what will happen if that person leaves?

We all need a consistent process for customers to follow at each stage of their buying journey; leading towards ‘buy’, ‘don’t buy’, ‘maybe buy at some future point’.

A process, at every stage of the buying journey from a potential customer becoming aware of your brand, all the way through to an existing customer repeat buying.

Every stage of that journey, every interaction needs to be consistent so every person at every stage knows exactly what to do. And of course several stages will be automated through your CRM.

Our aim is to be easy to do business with.

If you think of customers as fish, just for a minute, you have to think about what fish you’re after and where they swim.

You need to scatter crumbs on the water to draw them gently from the ocean into a smaller pond which will have a filter system to weed out any unsuitable fish by type or size early on.

It’s important not to scare aware the fish with too much noise.

You need to cast your lines knowing not all will be successful and you need to check your bait regularly to see what works and what doesn’t. 

You can’t simple drag your fish in; they will never return and may share their experience with other fish.

And periodically you need to re-cast into the deep water for those fish that came near but decided to move away.

Now at this point my fish analogy is blown out of the water because you won’t kill the customer, cook or eat them at this point. You’ll instead net the fish, check them over, feed them a choice maggot and then release them so they swim off to tell their friends!

You need a system – a set of consistent activities that keep those fish moving along into your net.

Just like every other system in your business, your sales process must be simple, logical and repeatable, if you aim to scale.

Do one thing: Look at your customers’ buying journey. Do you have consistent activities in place that deliver predictable and consistent sales?

ps Systemised Sales is Step 5 of a 9 step roadmap that we lead our clients along, to build the business-critical systems that will make your business scale-ready, and free you from the day to day of your operation. 

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