On Any Given Day…

Every day we make choices, aka decisions,…from the time we decide to wake up, to the moment we choose to go to sleep.  Life is full of choices.

Some of those choices have little or no real impact on our life or our business.

But others can have a major impact…like signing up with a mentor, committing to a mortgage…asking someone to marry you..! Sometimes our choices can be irrevocable.

Too many of us make decisions based on other people’s priorities…on what everyone else is doing…out of a belief that we must, we should, we have to…

So how can we get better at making the right decisions? How do we make sure that we choose what’s right for us…right now? The decisions that are going to lead us towards our ideal future?

The answer is to have a decision-making-system, and to use it every time we have a choice to make.

First – we get conscious of the fact that we are making a decision…and that we have a choice. Sounds like a statement of the bleeding obvious, but it’s so easy to make decisions off the cuff, to make a snap decision, without really thinking about it.

Second – we think about what’s really important to us…what our True Priorities are…what we want in our future…what we’re trying to achieve…and why?

Third – we ask if what we are about to do is right for us…right now. If the choice we make today will help to create the future we want for ourselves. [Remember that whatever we do today echoes in our future…it creates it] This is a big question.

Fourth – we listen to our gut.

Gut decisions are often the right decisions, and yet we still make choices, that go against our gut, but satisfy a need to please others, follow the herd, take the path of least resistance.

With practise, a system like this could take seconds to run through your head. For bigger decisions, we may be talking minutes! But how much time, money, pain could a simple system like this save you? How much ‘stuff’ might it eliminate from your life?

You want to remove the chaos and complexity from your life? Make better decisions.

Choose now to try out this system, and let me know how you get on.

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Marianne Page

Marianne is the author of three books, and is currently working on her fourth, whilst regularly writing her blog, we hope you enjoy it :-)


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