Practice makes…

If you’re like me you’ll have automatically finished that line with ‘perfect’. I think most people would do the same.

And it usually does make perfect.

There are many very visible examples, particularly in sport, of people who practise so regularly, and with such commitment that they play the perfect game, run the perfect race, take the perfect free-kick.

So we should think of practice as a good thing.

But what if you’re practising something that’s not right to start with?  A badly thought-out, inefficient process, an ineffective technique, an inefficient system?

Practice also makes permanent.

Practice embeds a habit – makes it automatic. So when you practise a process that’s ineffective, you’re embedding a bad habit.

And those of us who have bad habits know just how hard they are to break.

Getting our business systems right is so important.  Developing simple, logical and repeatable systems, that we record and train our team how to use – getting them to practise over and over again, to make perfect…and permanent, is the key to business success.

So how do you get started?

It can seem very daunting if you’ve decided to follow the McDonald’s model and have a system and a process in every area of your business.  The task may seem so huge that you end up doing nothing.

But never fear! Help is at hand.

We’ve done the thinking for you, we’ve done the writing for you, and we’ve developed a series of Simple Systems to support you.

Based around the 4 Foundation systems of McDonald’s success – Planning, Process, People and Performance, these ‘How to’ guides and templates are tailor made for you, and cover the key processes in your business. 

So whether you want help with your hiring, performance management or time management, there’ll be a step by step practical guide to get it done.

Over the coming months, we’ll be building our library of Simple Systems, so if there’s something you need that’s not in the first bunch, or we’ve marked as ‘coming soon’, please let us know and we’ll do our best to get it to you.

Even more good news, as a loyal Blog follower, you’re the first to hear about these new products, and we want to reward you with a free gift, and a very special offer, to get you started.

So…are you ready…?

To your Systemised success!

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