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On this gorgeously hot summer’s day with the Ashes in full swing at Lords, and The Open Golf testing the best of the best with ‘dodgy’ pin placements, it’s seems appropriate to recognise the example top class sportsmen and women set for business.
Not through their occasional tantrums, seemingly huge egos and often appalling taste in fashion and jewellery, but rather their willingness to spend days weeks and months, often with a coach or mentor, developing a process, a way of carrying out their skill, that will achieve the optimum result.  Breaking it down into the smallest steps and actions, trying things out, fine tuning every element…and then practicing it over and over and over again until they are the best at what they do.
Look at some of the very best examples of this…from the current Ashes series, Ian Bell and James Anderson…from the recent Lions tour, Leigh Halfpenny…from the Olympics, Jessica Ennis and Chris Hoy, and the very best example, from the world of motor racing, any one of the Formula One pitstop teams.

In the business of sport what this delivers is growth in their success rate – they take more wickets, they kick more goals, they get their car back on the track faster – they give greater customer satisfaction, more value, a better experience, to the people who pay their wages.
It’s a lesson for everyone in life and in business…if you want to be good at something…if you want to be the best…if you want to achieve the greatest success…you have to work at it.
To grow from a small business to a big business you have to invest both time and money developing logical, efficient, repeatable systems.  Then, just like those who want to make it to the peak in sport, you have to practice those processes every day…fine-tune them, continuously improve them…not just to reach the peak, but to stay there.
The view from the peak is well worth the effort.  Your customers will love you for your excellence and consistency, and better still be willing to pay much more for the experience you give them.

Process really can be a thing of beauty!
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