Reward after Overwhelm

It’s been a tough old week this week…12 days long so far!  But it’s given me two really good reminders that I want to share with you.

The first is that overwhelm happens to everyone at some time or another.We all have our days where we feel completely swamped by how much we have on our plate, and the little time we have to get it all done.

I had two days like that this week…I’ve just started with a new big client, so obviously I want to make sure everything is just right for them…my new e book is at the final stages, so needs checking…the online version of my Systemise programme needs some final tweaks…the stuff I learned last weekend at the small business conference needs implementing…bills need paying…oh, and Christmas is just around the corner, and I’ve got the family coming!

Arghhhhh…debilitating! I didn’t seem able to get anything done effectively, because there was so much to do.

You know the feeling!

I needed to take myself in hand and remind myself what I teach other people about how to overcome overwhelm.

Do, Ditch or Delegate!

So I got out my blank sheet of paper and I wrote down everything that I believed I had to do, and by when.I looked at whether or not it really had to be done, and if it did whether it really had to be done by me, or if I could delegate it.

I realised that much of my pressure was self-imposed…that I’d given myself needlessly tight deadlines…that not everything I had to do needed to be created from scratch…much of the work was already done.

I crossed off everything that didn’t need to be done by Christmas.I dedicated some of the time I was spending on doing stuff that could be delegated, to finding someone to delegate to.I created my mind map of what absolutely had to be done before Christmas…a much smaller map than I’d started with…and I breathed again.

Having come through that temporary blip and enjoyed a very productive end to my week, I then gave myself the second reminder…

Reward is important.And when you’re the boss, no-one’s going to reward you…you have to reward yourself.

Remember the old saying, ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’?

Well my version is ‘all hard work and no reward for a job well done, makes Jill less motivated, and less at the top of her game for her next 12 day week!’

So here I am writing this in the lovely local surroundings of Harrold Country Park, enjoying a delicious bacon sandwich, grateful for the blip that sent me here.

How are you going to reward yourself this week?

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Marianne Page

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