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I learned a lot during my time with McDonald’s, a scaling giant, but there are 3 key lessons that stick with me.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but along with spring, there’s a real sense of renewed optimism in the air. 

Home-schooling parents are soon to be released from their duties, vaccinations are on track, even much-battered hospitality and fitness businesses can see light at the end of the tunnel – and this time it isn’t a train! 

Hope is returning.

So many business owners will be taking stock; some planning for a brighter, but perhaps more contained future, others positioned to look ahead with ambition. 

And it’s those ready to escalate out of this crisis – determined to scale and grow – that I want to talk to this week.

The key to scaling success.

I learned a lot during my time with McDonald’s, a scaling giant, but there are 3 key lessons that have always stuck with me:

  1. Your planning system keeps you ahead of the game & gives your business rhythm
  2. Having One Right Way to do everything in your business delivers consistency
  3. Development of the ‘right’ team delivers freedom for you from the day to day.

Established entrepreneurs are often focused solely on growth, growth that can be achieved through hard work – you can drive yourself and your team to more and more revenue.

Scale on the other hand, can’t be achieved through hard work alone. Scale requires a very different mindset. A recognition that you need:

  • to work on your business not in it
  •  simple, logical, repeatable systems in every area of your business
  •  a high performing team full of people who share your values, to run your systems.

The right team is everything

Having the right people in your team is absolutely fundamental to the success of every business. When you have people around you who share your values, who buy into your vision for the business and believe in its purpose, and theirs… then everything becomes easier.

Too many business owners settle for people who don’t share their values, who don’t give a damn about vision or purpose, and who certainly don’t see it as a privilege to be part of your team.

The wrong people make it into your team when your hiring system is all wrong:

  • When you hire in a hurry, to fill an immediate need and settle for the best of the bad bunch you interviewed.
  • When you focus on the skills and experience listed on a cv, and not on the person behind the cv.
  • When you don’t have a structured probation period that gives your new team member a proper try out, and makes your stay/go decision so much easier at the end of their 90 days.

I see it all the time in the businesses I work with – there’s always someone, who just doesn’t fit; who upsets the balance of the team; who’s wasting the business owner’s time, energy and money.

Many business owners believe that they’re rubbish at hiring – I had a client say this to me just last week – but it’s not true. 

You’re not rubbish at hiring, you’re just focused on the wrong things when you hire, you don’t have the right tools to help you make good decisions – ultimately, you don’t have a robust hiring system that helps you attract, interview and try out potential candidates, and hire the right people for your team, every time!

Happily I do, and I’d like to gift it to you 🙂

Do one thing: Download it here: https://www.scalereadysystems.com/optin1612545374337 and get immediate access to training that will help you to use it effectively.

NB Your Hiring System is key to building your High-performing Team and is step 2 of a 9 step roadmap that we lead our clients along, to build the business-critical systems that will make your business scale-ready, and free you from the day to day of your operation. 

To learn more about the 9 steps that will move you from slave to your business to scale-ready, visit: https://www.mariannepage.co.uk/chaos-to-consistency.html


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