Saving stress with systems

April is Stress Awareness Month and it’s a great reminder of the need to recognise the impact that stress is having on your health and do what you need to do to manage it effectively.

As a business owner, you know all too well the pressures that come with running your business, and the toll it can take not only on your mental and physical health, but also on your relationships. Happily though, there is a solution – an organised, systemised operation that runs like clockwork will help you reduce stress and deliver greater success, without any of the typical resentment and frustration that often comes with being over-worked.

When you have a system in place for every area of your business, from sales and marketing to operations and customer service, you can relax, knowing that everything is running smoothly. You don’t have to worry about the details because you know they are being taken care of by your well trained team, and that’s a huge relief for business owners who are used to juggling multiple tasks and responsibilities on a daily basis.

Having a systemised operation allows you to delegate tasks to your team members with complete confidence because you know that they have the tools and resources they need to get the job done. They also understand your expectations and the goals they are being asked to achieve. All of which takes the pressure off of you as the business owner, allowing you to focus on the big picture and the long-term success of your business.

Of course the benefits of having a systemised operation go way beyond reducing stress. When you have a system in place, you become way more efficient too, because you don’t have to waste time figuring out what needs to be done next – you and your team simply follow the system, to get things done…consistently!

The key to consistency? 

Having one right way (your business way) to do every task – everything from onboarding a new team member to resolving a customer issue. When everyone knows what to do and how to do it, it creates a sense of order and predictability that can be comforting for both you and your team, in a high-pressure environment.

Additionally you’ll want to use technology to your advantage, and I’m sure you’re well aware of the countless tools and software programs that can help you streamline your operations, automate tasks, and improve communication.

Above all you want to look after your own health and well-being, because without health, nothing matters!. So take breaks when you need them, get enough sleep, and make time for things that relax you and that you love. Because when you are in a good mental and physical state, you’re much better equipped to handle the stresses and challenges that go with running a business.

So in this stress-awareness month, take some time to assess both your business and your life and make the changes you need to – your mental and physical health will thank you for it.


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Marianne Page

Marianne is the author of three books, and is currently working on her fourth, whilst regularly writing her blog, we hope you enjoy it :-)


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