Seed Gathering in your Business

In horticulture, this time of year is one for reflection, harvest and protection from the coming elements…

The Autumnal equinox in September signifies the start of the seed gathering season where we’re encouraged to forage for seeds, fruit and nuts to plant them under our protection. To nurture them over the Winter for the coming Spring planting out. It’s also about maintaining a balance so that there are reserves for wildlife, everything in moderation. 
A reflection of this in our business is felt by many at this time of year, and I respectfully exclude those frantically preparing for the festive season if this is your peak, and understand that instead your time for reflection is in the New Year!

How can we mirror this time in nature in our business as part of our yearly cycle?

Let’s ask ourselves what we want to collect and nurture, how we can protect our business against the elements, and how we can grow next year.
Much of the time we spend at work is focused on the ‘doing’ – generating results and revenue and fixing issues that come up day-to-day. In this reflective time I propose that we take stock and look at how we can be less reactive, how we can ensure an easier path for next time.
A simple way of doing this is to document our processes. Every time our team come to us with a question or a problem that takes you as the business owner or manager away from your work, document the answer or the fix, so that next time your team have the answer at their fingertips.
You may already have a brilliant training system in place, but no matter how great yours is, there will always be more questions. When you answer a question or solve a problem, record your screen whilst talking through the process, why you do it this particular way, and why it’s important to do it the same way each time. 
You’ll soon have built up a library of these ‘How to’ videos in Loom (or whichever screen recording software you favour) and can simply send the link to your team member or better still, build up your business playbook in Trainual.
No matter where you are in your business journey, these How Tos are invaluable tools in training your team and saving your time. You’ll free yourself up to concentrate on the bigger picture, and (hopefully) never be asked the same question twice.
So take some time out to gather the seeds of your knowledge and set goals for your most trusted team members to do the same. Your team will grow in confidence and your business will flourish!

If you’re the owner of a successful small business, desperate to have a consistent, stress-free operation that runs like clockwork without you being there – then Chaos to Consistency is the answer to your prayers.


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Marianne Page

Marianne is the author of three books, and is currently working on her fourth, whilst regularly writing her blog, we hope you enjoy it :-)


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