September is the month to plan

September is a great month for planning.

It always just feels so right, and just this morning I was reminding myself why.

For some, January may seem like the obvious choice, the beginning of a new calendar year with new year’s resolutions, and a full 12 months stretching out ahead of you.

The downside is that you’re coming out of the Christmas holiday period, possibly still feeling bloated and hungover, certainly feeling that little bit poorer, and maybe you still have the kids off school – you’re probably already half way through January before you can even think about fresh plans.

It’s a foggy time of year too – the weather’s awful, usually dank and dull, and business-wise January and February are notoriously slow, so there’s really not much to get you energised and excited enough to start planning.

April is the next obvious choice.

But April is all about tax and getting your finances sorted – personal tax, business tax. It’s all very numbers oriented, which is great, if you’re building your plans entirely around numbers, but not if you’re looking at the other crucial areas of your business, like people, products, promotions. It’s a busy time for a lot of businesses, so you’re not necessarily in the right head space for to plan.

June, you’re then going into the holidays. You’ve got July and August round the corner, and the challenges of the long school break, your team taking their holidays, maintaining a healthy cash flow etc.

September on the other hand, is the perfect time to plan.

With September comes excitement!

Think about it.

It’s the start of a new school year, the start of a new term, stepping up to the next year group – I don’t have children but I do still remember going to school and looking forward to what the next year would bring.

You’re often just back from your own holiday away from the business, you’ve had quality time with family and friends, you’re feeling refreshed and re-energised – you’ve had time to think, to take stock. Maybe you’ve just finished reading, ‘Simple Logical Repeatable’ on the beach and you’re bursting with ideas that you’re dying to put into practice.

You’ve got three meaty months ahead of you – September, October, November. Even if you only finish your plans mid September, you’ve still got three full months to mid December before the whole ‘I haven’t started my Christmas shopping’ kicks in.

It’s the perfect month to plan.

So here we are in mid September – how are your plans looking? Have you invested time in getting those ideas you had on holiday down on paper? Have you turned them into goals…with deadlines?  Are you going to make them happen?

Or have you been sucked back into the day to day, reacting to your mobile phone, slave to your inbox?

Are you going to be looking back in another twelve months wondering where the year went, and what happened to everything you were going to achieve?

Do one thing: Take back control of your life!

Take one day away from your business this week – yes you can if it’s important enough to you – and plan out the next twelve months.

Do it.  Do it.  Do it.

If you want to know how to make planning the heartbeat of your business check out McFreedom Mindset Episode 7 on my You tube channel.

Thanks for reading…and watching, and have a great week


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Marianne Page

Marianne is the author of three books, and is currently working on her fourth, whilst regularly writing her blog, we hope you enjoy it :-)


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