Sharpen your Focus for better Planning

‘Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four-hour days.’  Zig Ziglar

In a recent blog we asked you to get really clear about your vision.

Now the question is how to achieve it.

Focus is the key!

Even with a clear vision, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the mountain of ideas, tactics and goals that might lead us towards its achievement. So we need a way to chunk the mountain down into smaller more manageable hills.

I call these smaller hills my Focus Areas!​

Focus Areas

The corporates may look on them as strategies, some may think of them simply as priorities. The name doesn’t really matter. What does matter is that you have them – that you take your mountain, look at what it’s made up of, and group similar goals, ideas and tactics together.

Remember though, this is all about focus, so you can’t have a dozen focus areas – it kind of defeats the object of the exercise. Four or five, maximum six, will keep you properly focused and make your planning and delivery a whole lot easier.

For example, McDonald’s focus on People, Place, Promotion, Price, Product.

At MPL (Marianne Page Ltd) we also have five areas for focus: Bums on Seats, Visibility & Influence, Products, Partnerships and People.

For each focus area we set an overall aim, or intention, that’s in line with our vision, and which will move us closer to achieving it. As you read our intentions for each focus area take note of the language – it’s ‘act as if’ language – we say that it is as we want it to be, then it’s up to each member of the team to make what we say we do, a reality.

Bums on Seats

  • We attract the business owners who will benefit most from The McFreedom System®️
  • We stay true to our limited numbers principle, to enable us to give focused attention to every business owner who works with us
  • We fill the room with six- and seven-figure business owners for every McFreedom Secrets workshop

Visibility & Influence

  • The Marianne Page brand is recognised as the go-to for six- and seven-figure business owners who want to scale, grow, sell or franchise
  • We have a reputation for quality, service and delivery on our promises
  • We are regularly invited to speak at events, and comment in the media, aimed at successful business owners


  • We develop and deliver world class products which move our clients closer to their McFreedom
  • We serve a global market


  • We develop mutually beneficial relationships with partner businesses, who can add value to our clients, or where we can add value to theirs


  • We have a high performing core team, plus a number of trusted associates, who deliver a world-class service to our clients, both online and offline

People is an essential focus area for every business, guiding hiring and development decisions, ensuring that you have the right people, in the right place, at the right time to move the business forward. Your people plan will underpin and support your other focus areas.

So, these are the focus areas and intentions that I believe will take us to our vision. What are yours?

Because when you are clear what your focus areas are, and what you want each focus area to deliver for you – your aim or intention – you can then begin to develop fully focused goals and plans.

Do one thing: Work out what your key Focus Areas are, and what you want each to deliver.

Taken from Marianne’s new book Simple Logical Repeatable, coming soon to an Amazon near you!

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