So what is a McFreedom Mindset anyway?

You’ve probably noticed I’ve been talking quite a lot about McFreedom and having a McFreedom mindset recently.

And you’ve possibly been thinking ‘ What on Earth is this McFreedom thing all about?’

Well McFreedom is a word I use to describe ‘The freedom to scale, grow, sell or franchise your business or run it from a beach somewhere if that’s what you really want to do.’

The Mc of McFreedom is a little nod to McDonald’s who inspired it and the Freedom, because that’s what The McFreedom System®️ will give you.

Ok. But why the focus on Mindset?

Because most people have a very strange mindset around systems in relation to their business. They see them as really hard work; something that they have to do in addition to their day job and the thought of systemising really doesn’t rock their boat.

Personally, I don’t like the word ‘process’, largely again because of what it inspires in people. It makes them think of bureaucracy and box-ticking and all of that really boring, soul destroying stuff that they think they’ll have to do.

McFreedom – and The McFreedom System®️ – is all about making your life easier, and to do that you need to change your mindset around systems.

Mindset is one third of something I like to call my big MAC … what a surprise!

Mindset because you really do need to change your mindset around systems and what they will do for you.

Action because you absolutely have to take action. What’s the point in learning something new if you don’t take action on it. And

Consistency because you need to be consistent in the action that you take. You need to make it routine. You need to follow it, if not religiously, then with a real fervour and a relish and a belief that it’s going to make your life that much easier.

So Mindset, Action, Consistency … your big Mac.

Do you have a positive big MAC when it comes to systemising your business?

Do one thing: Think about it!

[Adapted from Marianne’s new book Simple Logical Repeatable available from an Amazon near you]

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