The Power of WHY

I watched in both terror and awe last night as BBC presenter Alex Jones completed her 1200ft climb of Moonlight Buttress, one of the most monstrous and possibly the most sheer of the huge rock mountains in Utah’s Zion National Park.

Video clips of her two and a half day climb, revealed that she had at times been terrified, at times overwhelmed by the enormity of what she was doing, and several times had felt hugely exposed out there attached to the rock face hundreds of feet up by a few pegs and ropes.

“you don’t go anywhere at the end of the day, you stay right there on the side of a rock. There’s no rest and no let up, every waking

moment is spent concentrating on staying up there. Switching off could be catastrophic.”

As someone who is terrified of heights, I remember all too well the 5 seconds of total terror I experienced while perched on the door ledge, waiting to jump out of a perfectly good plane…and I am filled with admiration for Alex.  I cannot imagine going through two and a half days of barely contained terror, as she appears to have done.

So why was she doing it?

Well, she had been to the Philippines and seen the devastation left by Typhoon Haiyan; had spoken to both adults and children who had lost family members, often multiple family members; and she was inspired to raise money for Comic Relief…to take on a challenge that required months of preparation and two and a half days of immense courage and endurance to complete…to raise as much money as she could for families like these.

Her why, was what got her to the top, kept her going as she literally inched her way up that enormous sheer rock face, helped her overcome her terror of heights, and saw her achieve her goal.

“I just wanted to touch solid ground for so long. But it just shows with the right motivation and the right support anything is possible.”

Indeed it does Alex…indeed it does!​

Know what’s really important to you.  Know your why. And you will overcome any obstacle to achieve great things.

This is your time.  2014 is your year. Make every day of it count.

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Marianne Page

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