The Universe is a match-funder

Having had a bit of a rant last week about the macho long hours and hard work culture out there…I feel the need this week to redress the balance just a little and give a shout out to the equally misguided (in my humble opinion) people at the other end of the scale…

The folks who believe that all they have to do is know what they want, put it out there, and ‘the universe will provide’. Often the same people who say that those who do well have somehow been lucky, that the universe has been kind to them.

Well there’s another saying that I was brought up with…’God helps those who help themselves’!  The Universe is a match-funder, one might say.

You can’t just think something, create a vision board, talk about it and have everything magically or spiritually, fall into place. Yes, being conscious of what’s really important to you, having it clear in your mind, reminding yourself on a daily basis what you want in life and what you’re aiming for…is all essential to your success.

But if you don’t back these thoughts up with concrete plans…if you don’t get off your backside to make them happen…if you don’t put in the work needed every single day…then your ideal future will never be your real future. It will always be just pictures on a board.

And I’m not just talking about your business here, I’m talking about your other priorities too.  If you want great relationships, with your other half, your children, your business associates…you have to work at them…every day.  If you want to be healthy…you have think about what you’re eating, how much exercise you’ve had, how much sleep you’re getting…every day.  If you want to write a book…you have to write…every day!

Remember that great line from the film Gladiator…”What you do in life echoes in eternity”..?  Well it’s the same for us…what we do today, echoes in our future…it creates it.

We can’t wait around for the universe to give us a hand up…but equally, if we’re going to work hard, we need to make sure it’s to create a successful life, not just a successful business.

To achieve success in life, we all need to

  • Know what ‘success’ means to us…what our true priorities are and what our ideal future looks like for each of them
  • Create a plan that focuses on those four or five true priorities for at least the next three years and chunk it down to the next year, quarter, month,  and week
  • Work the plan every single day with the thought in mind that whatever we do today will echo in our future…will create it

What future are you creating today?

Will you be happy with the echo?

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Marianne Page

Marianne is the author of three books, and is currently working on her fourth, whilst regularly writing her blog, we hope you enjoy it :-)


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