Time to unplug?

Tis the season of the overloaded socket!

Of course we have to have 3 sets of lights on the tree, and lights in the window, and we definitely need outside lights (only tasteful ones of course) and there’s only that one socket near the window so we’ve got to make it work somehow!

In the run-up to Christmas there’s a very real chance that we start to feel like that overloaded socket, plugging more and more… and still more into our already overloaded calendar.  And just like that overloaded socket, we are in very real danger of burnout…of being too weary to enjoy the festivities…of turning into the Grinch!

Christmas is such a great opportunity to unplug (unless of course this is your busiest time of year!) But how easy do you find it to completely switch off? What does unplugging feel like to you?

Are you a full-on ‘tools down and focus on the festivities’ person, who loves Christmas, and loves making the most of every second with family and friends, seeing it as a really special time of year?

Or maybe you’re a ‘use the down-time to get plans in place for the coming year’ person – a business owner who gets bored with too much time off, but recognises the need to at least look like you’re having a break, for the sake of your family and your team.

Or perhaps you’re a proper Bah Humbug! The personification of old Scrooge himself. Seeing the Christmas season as a time to be endured until you can get back into your routine – a waste of work time – resenting the time your team want off, seeing it as a two week hole in your potential revenue.

Whatever your view of Christmas, keep in mind the benefits of taking a break from your business.

  • It’s like unplugging from the mains, and instead plugging into a battery charger – good for your mind, body and spirit!
  • Getting away from your routine and doing something completely different unlocks your creativity – even talking to different people about non-work related things, stretches your mind and releases whole new trains of thought.
  • While you’re not stressing about them, new perspectives on your most challenging issues will pop into your head, as if by magic.

So whether you’re dreading the time off, or you just can’t wait, it’s going to be of benefit to you, so enjoy it!


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Marianne Page

Marianne is the author of three books, and is currently working on her fourth, whilst regularly writing her blog, we hope you enjoy it :-)


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