Wacky Races or Formula 1- which are you?

Consistency and reliability are the foundations of any successful business, big or small.

Consistent and reliable systems developed for one small restaurant in Illinois, helped McDonald’s grow to over 30,000 restaurants around the world. Those systems, and that consistency, are what keep millions of people going back to McDonald’s, and seeking them out in foreign lands – that knowledge that no matter where you are in the world, you can rely on the food, the value and the environment.  Forget whatever views you may have on the burgers and fries, and focus on this…

There is power in consistency and reliability… it’s the power of systems.

In racing terms, McDonald’s would be the equivalent of Formula 1 and the well-drilled, reliable systems of the pitstop teams.  The alternative is the chaos, confusion and aggression of Wacky Races.

So which are you, Wacky Races or Formula 1..?

On a scale of 1-10… 1 being Wacky Races and 10 being Formula 1… where would you sit?

Is your life chaotic and full of complexity?  Do you over-commit, to customers, associates, friends? Do you let other people take advantage of you… focus on their priorities rather than your own, and as a result feel overwhelmed and stressed all the time?

Or are you more Formula 1, well organised, fully focused on your real Priorities and the targets you set yourself?  As the driver in your business, are you fully supported by your mentor, your swiss army knife, and a small external team of specialists…your personal pitstop team.  Are you calm and confident?

If you’re anywhere close to this Formula 1 ideal…fantastic!  Keep going!

But if you’re more Dastardley and Mutley, than Button and Massa…consider what the chaos you live and work in is costing you.  What it’s costing you personally. How it’s affecting your relationships…your health..your self-esteem. What it’s costing your business.  What impact it’s having on your ability to find and keep customers and make money.  And what about the money you’re wasting – are you really able to control your costs effectively when you’re so disorganised?

Good systems are the building blocks which will grow your business.  They are what make you consistent and reliable…easy to do business with.  Your day to day systems remove the chaos and give you space to breathe.

What systems you have in your day to day life right now…you may know them simply as, ‘the way I like to do things’.  Ask yourself if you’re over-complicating…making things more difficult that they need to be.  Is there an easier way to get from A to B? Does the technology you use help or hinder you? Does it make life easier or more difficult?

Consistency and reliability or chaos and confusion? Wacky Races or Formula 1..?

You choose.

This is YOUR time.  2014 is YOUR year.  Make every single day of it count.

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Marianne Page

Marianne is the author of three books, and is currently working on her fourth, whilst regularly writing her blog, we hope you enjoy it :-)


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