What are Distractions costing you & your business?

Distractions…those things that move our focus from one thing to another…are keeping you overwhelmed, doubling your workload…and keeping you poor.

Distractions overcomplicate our lives…and they are completely avoidable…we CHOOSE to be distracted.

While a few distractions are unexpected, like the phone ringing or someone at the door, the majority begin in our mind.  We distract ourselves to overcome fear, boredom, feelings of inadequacy, resistance to doing something particularly difficult or challenging.

And there are lots of ways to distract ourselves.  Just think about your average day…how do you distract yourself?  …answering e mails, chatting on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, taking calls, having a meeting you don’t need to, being tired or hungry?

The 3 biggest time-stealers and focus-takers, are rarely even recognised as distractions:

– Subscriptions to other people’s stuff

– Shiny objects

– Personal development addiction


– How many e mail lists are you subscribed to – personal and professional?  How many people are you following to see how they do things…to get ideas? Have a guess! You’ll be amazed!

Shiny Objects

– How many new things have you bought in the last 12 months…physical products, replacement kit that didn’t need replacing, new bits of software that you then needed to install and learn how to use?

Personal Development addiction

– How many programmes have you joined…training sessions attended…Mastermind Groups are you part of?  How many different mentors do you have, focusing on how many different things?Have you moved from one development programme to another…for how many years?

These are the really serious distractions that double your workload and stop you from making money…and now is the time to recognise that and take action to eliminate them.

Unsubscribe from anything and everything that doesn’t move you towards your Priorities.  I did this myself again recently, and you’ll be staggered by how many lists you are on, both personal and professional…and how long it takes you to filter them out of your inbox! But it’s an exercise well worth undertaking.

Get conscious about the shiny new objects that you are attracted to, and take another look at the personal development you’re involved in.  Are you hanging onto a Mastermind Group for example that is costing you a fortune and distracting you from your real Priorities…your ideal future.

Find a mentor who will help you to develop a simple plan that will keep you focused and hold you accountable.  Someone who is right for you right now.  It’s a solution that continues to work for me…and it will work for you too.

Ultimately, it’s your choice…focus your energy on what’s really important or on distractions. But remember…

This is YOUR time.  2014 is YOUR year.  You want to make every single day of it count!

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Marianne Page

Marianne is the author of three books, and is currently working on her fourth, whilst regularly writing her blog, we hope you enjoy it :-)


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