What if business was easy?

Systems are not chains to tie you down, they are wings to help you fly.’ 

This week I delivered a keynote presentation at the prestigious north west business club the ‘K-Club’, posing the question, ‘What if business was easy?’  It challenged the thinking of the 80-strong audience of business owners, and led to an interesting Q&A.

So I wanted to ask you if it’s something you’ve ever considered?

What if business was easy?

What if you didn’t have to miss another school sports day or parents evening, if you never had to make an excuse for pulling out of a day out with friends or date night with your other half?

What if you didn’t buy into the school of thought that says that the only way to grow or scale your business is to work harder and harder and to make more and more sacrifices?

What if easy was a choice?

I know that easy is possible, because that’s what I experienced at McDonald’s – easy, flowing, well-oiled machine. Easy is good…really good…when you get there. Easy makes things more efficient, more profitable, more scalable.

During the late ‘80s and early ‘90s I witnessed massive growth and scale at McDonald’s – one new restaurant a week, with a constant stream of crew and managers needing to be trained and deployed to run them.

Since I left McDonald’s, I’ve seen business owners who came to me because they wanted to sell their business, fall back in love with it when they realise that business can be easy; that they don’t need to work in it all the time; that they don’t need to slog through the day-to-day of their operation; that they can free themselves completely.

I’ve seen complete control freaks take eight week holidays; people who would maybe leave the country, but have their laptop with them, checking in every single day to make sure their team were doing things right.

Going away, and just letting the business run because you know that everything is in place for it to run well, that’s really what ‘easy’ is all about.

And how do you get to easy?

First, you have to believe that it’s possible.

You have to believe that your people are smart, capable and resourceful; that they’ll work well as part of your team; that they’ll try their hardest for you when they know that you trust them.

And you have to believe in the power of systems; that systems in every area of your business will free you, and your team; that systems are the foundation of every business that wants to grow and scale.

Believe that systems are not chains to tie you down, they are wings to help you fly; a launchpad for freedom – freeing your people, making things easier for your customers, and certainly freeing you.

Once you’ve sorted your mindset, then it’s time to take action – to create simple, logical, repeatable systems, to run your operation, to train your people, to free them to take ownership; to make your life easy.

Are you ready for that sort of action?

Are you tired of being the block in your business – the person that everyone has to come to to get things done – the person that has to check everything before it’s signed off?

Are you tired of missing out on stuff – of working on your holidays – of being ruled by your phone and your inbox?

Are you ready to make your life easy, but you’ve hung round with the people who tell you ‘the only way to success is through harder work and more sacrifice’, for so long that you’re just not sure?

Then why not invest 70 minutes of your time and let me share with you how simple and straightforward it can be to get to ‘easy’.

Join me for one of the two webinars I’m running over the next two weeks, and in return I’ll give you simple tools and strategies that will have an immediate impact on your life and definitely make it easier.​

Do one thing:  Take action!  Check out the dates and times for the webinars and get yourself signed up HERE.  Look forward to seeing you there.


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Marianne Page

Marianne is the author of three books, and is currently working on her fourth, whilst regularly writing her blog, we hope you enjoy it :-)


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