Who’s running your business?

A successful business is run by systems. That’s a fact. Systems should be running your business.

If your business is not as successful as it should be, or if you are running the whole shebang – working every hour God sends to do so – then you need to take a long hard look at the systems you have in place, and what they are doing…or not…to support you.

Start with the systems that run your life.

  • How clear are you about what success looks like to you…what you’re trying to achieve……and why? How regularly do you check in on this?
  • Are you systematic about your planning – for your year, your week, your day? Do you build your plans around what you’re trying to achieve, around your true priorities, personal and professional…rather than other people’s priorities for you? Do you have a system to review them?
  • Is your day systemised? Do you have daily routines that you stick to? Are they working for you?

Then look at the systems that run your operation.

  • How straightforward is your customer journey. Is the route from A to B logical? Is it simple and easy for them and you…or have you added in complexity to be ‘clever’, or maybe just over time?
  • How’s your communication system? Are you easy to contact, to give feedback to? Do you have a system for keeping in touch regularly with your customers?
  • What about your people systems (whether you have an employed team, or a contracted one) – how do you train, manage, delegate, reward?
  • Do you have a documented process for every activity you repeat – even if it’s only once a year?

And finally, when you have the first two sorted…look at your techy systems.

  • Do they make your life easier, or are you spending hours administering them? Time management apps are notorious for this.
  • Do they support what you are trying to achieve – part of the process versus an extra step in it?
  • Are they right for you and your business, right now? Are you taking a big business sledge hammer to crack a small/micro business nut? Or is your big business still running on micro business Excel spreadsheets?

Systems run your business. You and your team run the systems.

Simplify – Systemise – Succeed.

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Marianne Page

Marianne is the author of three books, and is currently working on her fourth, whilst regularly writing her blog, we hope you enjoy it :-)


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