Mission: To Manage & Simple Logical Repeatable bundle

Systems + People = Scale Ready!

Learn how to develop simple logical repeatable systems AND the people managers to run them!

“You owe it to your team to read Mission: To Manage. The book provides a framework for managers who want to empower their teams, deliver better results and enjoy their role. It’s full of practical exercises that can be implemented straight away and are clearly drawn from extensive experience. Great for any manager who wants to improve their people management skills.” –

Steve Brennan – CEO, Bespoke Digital

Mission: To Manage

Why is it that so many managers see the challenge of managing people as Mission Impossible? Is it because people are impossible? Is it because they’re all inherently lazy, or stupid, or out to undermine you?

No. People are full of potential and passion – they want to be engaged in what they’re doing, and valued for doing it well. So how can you tap into this passion and potential to become the leader your team want to follow.

The answer lies in the 7 Essentials that every manager must master to engage their people and build them into a high performing team.

Mission: To Manage challenges the reader to examine their mindset around managing people and to master the skills and strategies essential to success in their new role.

While sharing the theory, Mission: To Manage is all about implementation and action, focused on sharing tips, strategies, worksheets and quick wins that can be put into practice immediately; giving the manager both the strategies and the confidence to become the leader their team want to follow.

Share Mission: To Manage with your colleagues and clients – contact me here for the bulk buy option of 10 or more books and get 25% off and free postage.

“As business owners we all, at some point crave the Holy Grail – time freedom – to do the stuff that makes us happy. Not enough of us realise that the key to our happiness is having a happy team. A team led by an empowered and empathic managing leader. Mission: To Manage gives a blueprint for anyone wanting to become such a leader. An insightful read with practical tips and strategies for managers and business owners that can be implemented straightaway” –

Heena Thaker – Business mentor, Intentional Wealth Creation

Simple Logical Repeatable

You’ve read the E Myth, that told you to work on your business not in it.  Simple, Logical, Repeatable is your blueprint for achieving the success, and freedom, you need to be able to do that.
Marianne has created a model that draws on the four foundation systems underpinning the enduring success of big businesses like McDonald’s, and every small super-successful business around the globe – the key ingredients that make them consistent, reliable and trusted in their marketplace.

  • Planning – clarity around your destination and your route map to get you there.
  • Process – simplicity of your customer’s journey through your business.
  • People – effective hiring and training so people know ‘how we do things round here’ to deliver consistently high standards.
  • Performance – ability to measure and manage performance to keep everyone on track.

The formula is simple – develop systems to run every aspect of your business, develop a high performing team to run your systems, and then get out of their way. Mastering the four foundations will give you the freedom to scale, grow, sell or franchise your business. . . or run it from a beach somewhere, if that’s what you want to do.

Share Simple Logical Repeatable with your colleagues and clients – contact me here for the bulk buy option of 10 or more books and get 25% off and free postage.

“As a small business owner operating in a franchised type legal business, I couldn’t initially see how Marianne’s famous ‘systems and processes’ would fit into my personal business. After reading Simple, Logical, Repeatable, I’m starting to look at everything I do differently. This book is not only about business but beautifully weaves in vital considerations around mindset and values – bringing business and life together, as they should be. My favourite quote, ‘if a system isn’t working in your business, it’s the wrong system’ could equally be applied to our lives. Marianne might just change the way (and the why) business is done, for the better” –

Hannah Beko – Partner, Gunnercooke LLP

Process to Profit

Business is all about relationships. Forget B2B and B2C, business is all about P2P. It is those strong, trusted relationships – with your customers, your people and your suppliers, that will deliver sustainable growth. That trust is built over time, and it all starts with you:

…with your ability to articulate your passion and inspire those around you to join your ’cause’
…with your insistence on hiring only those people who share your values and beliefs, and
…with the consistency and reliability you build into your business, through simple process and effective systems.

Passion + People + Process = A great customer experience. It also equals increased turnover, reduced costs, improved profit, and a business set for long-term growth.

This book will show you how process and systems can dramatically increase your revenue and reduce your costs, by supporting your people and making you both consistent, and easy to do business with. It will also show you how you can gain personally, by having: more control of every area of your operation, more time to work on your business not in it, and more profit to have the life you always dreamed of.

“A must read for anyone serious about growing their business. A key to the scale-up process
Marianne Page has made this topic very readable and provided great tools to start the process yourself”

Caro Crawford – SCALE UP Expert for Entrepreneurs

The McFreedom Report

What everyone forgets is that McDonald’s was once a little restaurant in the backwaters of Illinois, smaller than your business is today, maybe. What turned them into the business that so many people love to hate?

​Read on to find out…

“So often, business owners get so caught up in the day-to-day running of their business that they feel shackled to their work. But what if there was another way? A way where nothing was left to chance? The McFreedom Report gives you the low-down on how systemising your business can not only streamline your operation, but free up your time and make the work you do so simple that a teenager could do it!” –

Kezia Luckett – Women of Contribution

Disclaimer: These books reflect the author’s recollections of experiences over time while employed at McDonald’s.  These books are not sponsored or endorsed by McDonald’s, and the views, thoughts and opinions belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect the views, thoughts or opinions of McDonald’s.