Build Your Training System

McDonald's aren't successful because they have systems - they're successful because everyone understands what the systems are, why they're important...and follows them! Every time!

1. Create / Collate your How To Guides

First, create a Training Map for each role – what tasks does someone in this role need to know how to do, and in what order do they need to learn it.

Next, develop your one right way to do every routine and repeatable task for each role; making sure that it’s simple, logical and repeatable.

Capture your one right way in a How To guide – ideally a video How To created using Loom)

2. Upload your How To Guides to Trainual

As the video explains, Trainual is an amazing online training manual, that doubles up as your employee handbook.

And the beauty of it is you can build it role by role, or How To by How To, creating a complete Training System for your team. No more ‘pass it on’ training from one team member to another. Everyone gets trained in the same consistent way.

Even better, you can track what someone has, and hasn’t been trained in, and you can update any training video at any time as your system changes or evolves.

Key Benefits

  • Save thousands on training and eliminate wasted time
  • Organise all your systems, policies, and How Tos in one place
  • Automate all of your How Tos for routine & repeatable tasks
  • Pays for itself with one new hire
  • Share with your team at the click of a button & on mobile
  • Easy to access, track and update your training
  • Increases operational consistency
  • Everyone is trained in the exact same way

3. Train Your Team

With your training tools in place (Training map for each role, How To guides showing the One Right Way to complete each task) and your Training System set up in Trainual, then it’s time to train your team.

Always train 1:1 first, using your How To as a guide, giving your ‘trainee’ the opportunity to both ask questions, and practice.  This is hugely important!

The ABC training method that is used at McDonald’s, and which we teach at MPL, is the simplest, most effective method of getting your message across, and having it understood.  It’s what we teach on both the Mission: To Manage programme, and Chaos to Consistency.

Of course this all sounds amazing - just imagine! But if it also sounds like way too much work that you and your team simply don't have time for.... then don't forget, we can do it all for you!